Oscar Mayer’s Hotdogger Program Graces Penn State’s Campus

Story posted February 18, 2023 in CommRadio, News by Scott Stranix

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – The Oscar Mayer Hotdogger program held an informational seminar and onboarding in the Thomas building this Monday.

Passing through campus just the week before, one of fifteen Wienermobiles driving across the states to grace grocery stores and college campuses visited Penn State for the 30th straight year, continuing the tradition.

Located in Thomas 120, Ketchup Katelyn and Cookout Christian gave the room a warm introduction to the one-year opportunity. Including myself, the seven of us who sat in attendance to learn more about the “bunderful” opportunity.

Their Coordinator, Dorothy, lead an excellent presentation, outlining the seemingly demanding, and exclusive job title, of Hotdogger. Despite thousands of applicants, the program only has room for twelve dedicated individuals to relish the opportunity.

Representing Kraft Heinz’s most lucrative brand, the pairings of Oscar Mayer repping road-trippers have one misconception to set right; the Wienermobile is not a food truck, it’s a PR firm on wheels.

Cookout Christian spoke on the eight months he’s spent in his red and yellow garb.

“I’ve had the time of my life. They say it’s the road trip of a lifetime; you go to a new city each week. Spreading smiles is our main job, so what better job can you ask for?”

The seminar brought forth interesting aspects that shed light on the problems one might face when their primary means of transportation is a giant hotdog. Imagine every trip to the gas station turning into a thirty-minute people-pleaser.

Dorothy's most considerable emphasis was on each Hotdogger’s role as a brand representative and the effect this job has on keeping the annual hires together.

Cookout Christian and Ketchup Katelyn will join the other Hotdoggers on a weeklong cruise during their spring break. But before that comes, the duo is setting out to recruit some more Lions over at Lincoln University.

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Scott Stranix is a third-year student majoring in telecommunications. You can email him at sss5879@psu.edu.

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