Punxsutawney Phil’s Prediction: Early Spring!

Video posted February 2, 2016 in Centre County Report by Centre County Report


We traveled to Punxsutawney to catch Phil and his friends at the largest Groundhog Day Celebration in the nation.

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Angela Trovato

Sophomore / Sports Broadcasting and Theatre

I aspire to be a sports reporter for ESPN one day. I would love to cover college football and/or NFL games. I also have dreams of becoming an actress as well, which is why I am double majoring in both sports broadcasting and theatre. However, my love for sports seems to be pulling me strongly in the direction of broadcasting!

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Kyle Rosenthal

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

Kyle Rosenthal is a senior at The Pennsylvania State University. He is majoring in broadcast journalism and is minoring in French. The Long Island native has achieved Dean’s List recognition for all six semesters that he has been at Penn State. He is also the Promotions Manager of The Daily Collegian and President of the Collegian Street Team organization. Kyle has been a competitive member of the Club Gymnastics team since freshman year, and was the team’s fundraising chair during his junior year.

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Courtney Barrow

Senior / Journalism

Penn State senior majoring in broadcast journalism. Extensive broadcast experience with several internships, including ABC News, AccuWeather, and WFMZ-TV. Currently reporter, producer, and anchor for the Centre County Report, and executive producer for 46 LIVE. Formerly executive producer for PSN News.

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Senior / Broadcast Journalism

Currently I am a senior at Penn State University pursuing a degree in Broadcast Journalism and minors in both Italian and Theatre. I am a member of the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism Certificate Program, which allows for me to enroll in courses focused around analyzing the world of sports. In those courses I have gained hands-on experience with both sports broadcasting and writing and I’ve studied the role that the athletic world plays in both modern day society and the media. I have a strong interest in all areas related to sports, theatre, and the Italian language and culture.