Special Report: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Journalism

Video posted April 10, 2018 in Centre County Report, News by Ryan Berti

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve and embed itself into the daily functions of the global workforce, it is likely to have a lasting impact on journalism and journalists.

This special report, developed as a thesis for the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State University, examines the current state of artificial intelligence in modern newsrooms, the limitations and challenges for AI and journalism moving forward, how ethics and legal factors may play a role, and how journalism may look when its symbiosis with AI becomes complete.

Experts interviewed for this project Francesco Marconi of the Wall Street Journal, Jeremy Gilbert of the Washington Post, John Ward of Veritone, George Kary of FightHoax, Andy Hatcher of Muuze, and David Llorente of Narrativa.