5 Seconds of Summer - “5SOS5” Album Review

Story posted September 27, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Kaitlyn Murphy & Chloe Rey

After two years out of the spotlight, Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer came back with a bang with the release of their fifth studio album, ironically named “5SOS5.” The alternative pop band has been making music together for 11 years, and doesn’t seem to be burning out anytime soon.

5 Seconds of Summer has grown a loyal fanbase over the years, after touring with boy band sensation One Direction in 2013 and releasing their self-titled debut album in 2014. “5SOS5” is reminiscent of their earlier work, but has a more mature sound and seemingly zero skips.

A major theme across the body of work is evolving - in relationships, friendships, and life in general. Since the band has been together for so long, they’ve all experienced each other’s highs and lows, and weave that into their music.

The band’s lyrical growth since their first albums shines through on the second track of the album, “Easy for You to Say.” In the song, lead singer Luke Hemmings sings “A youth that was stolen and filled with mistakes, I turned all around, looked for someone to blame,” describing how the band’s early years of fame were filled with brutal learning experiences that ultimately led them to where they are today.

“Take My Hand” is another song that features lyrics focused on growing up in the tumultuous circumstances of being thrust in the spotlight at such an early age. (“Shut my eyes right at seventeen, Always hits me, I'm always shifting… Open eyes right at twenty-three, Always hits me, That I'm always shifting”)

In regards to romantic relationships, this album shows how powerful (or possibly toxic) being with the right person can feel. The lyric “Without you, I don't even know myself” in the song “Moodswings” conveys the all-consuming nature of loving someone at a young age.

The backing music on “5SOS5” supports the deeper lyrics by relying on electronically produced sounds in addition to guitar, piano and drums. The album’s sound is cohesive and well put together, compared to their earlier angst-filled pop/punk music that heavily relied on an electric guitar and bass beat.

12 out of the 19 tracks on the album were produced by 5SOS guitarist Michael Clifford, meaning the band now has creative freedom with not only the songwriting, but the production and vibe of the album as well.

Chloe’s overall opinion: The evolution of 5 Seconds of Summer’s sound has matured with them. With every album, it consistently gets better in my opinion. “5SOS5” is a cohesive almost perfect pop album.

The writing touches on something that everybody can relate to, in one way or another, whether that be growing up or developing in relationships. Although the production can be seen as nothing “groundbreaking,” not all albums have to be ground breaking to be great.

Chloe’s Rating: 9/10

Chloe’s Favorite Songs: “Caramel,” “You Don’t Go To Parties,” “HAZE”
Chloe’s Least Favorite Song: “Me Myself & I”

Kaitlyn’s overall opinion: “5SOS5” is the band’s best work to date. While their older music is definitely nostalgic for me, this album proves how when a band stays together for the majority of their lives and becomes best friends, they can create pure magic in the studio. I sincerely hope there is more to come from 5SOS, but if not, “5SOS5”  would create a perfect full-circle moment from their self-titled debut album.

Kaitlyn’s Rating: 10/10

Kaitlyn’s Favorite Songs: “Easy for You to Say,” “Bad Omens,” “Bleach”
Kaitlyn’s Least Favorite Songs: N/A

Chloe Rey is a first-year studying telecommunications. To contact her, email ckr5449@psu.edu.

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