Panic! at the Disco Officially Broken Up

Story posted January 31, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Giana Miller

After 19 legendary years, Panic! at the Disco is officially no more. What started as a Blink 182 cover band back in 2004, no one had any idea of what the future held for those four friends.

The well- known classic, ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ came from the band’s debut album “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” released in 2005. This is what ultimately skyrocketed the band's musical career. It was written by the band’s guitarist, Ryan Ross about his recent breakup.

The heartbreak, pop punk style of the song is what gave it such popularity. It made its way up to No. 7 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and soon became a timeless classic. In today's society, it’s presumed someone was raised under a rock if they have never heard this song.

Not long after, the band released their second album ‘Pretty Odd’ in 2008. This album includes the popular song ‘Nine in the Afternoon’ which still circulates through retail store soundtracks and radio stations.

This song was a way for the band to show that this album would be very different from their first. Taking inspiration from The Beatles and other 60s music, the lyrics and overall vibe were drastically different.

Fast forward to 2016 when the album ‘Death of a Bachelor’ was released. Lead singer, Brendan Urie, was the only member of the band at that point.

That didn’t stop him though.

The album climbed its way to the top of the Billboard Top 200 landing at No. 1. There were rumors of Urie deciding to go solo, but throughout it all he continued to stick with the band’s well known name. Urie continued to release albums like “Pray for the Wicked” in 2018 and “Viva Las Vengeance” recently in August of 2022.

On Tuesday January 24, 2023 Urie took to social media and released a statement saying “sometimes a journey must end for a new one to begin.” He is going to be expecting his first child soon and wants to “bring this chapter of my life to an end and put my focus and energy on my family…”

Whether someone discovered the band back in 2005 or just recently listened in 2022, this news is hard to hear and process. Most fans are truly grieving the loss of the band. There are many pros and cons to being a band for nearly two decades.

A pro being that some fans got the chance to grow up with the band and continue to support them throughout the years. A downside to that is the very strong connection between the band and its fans results in a variety of reactions to this news.

Through the use of meaningful storytelling elements and deep thoughts turned into lyrics, Panic! at the Disco has touched the lives of so many throughout its years of success.

Fans have already started to think about what the future holds for the band. There have been many cases of bands breaking up and coming back together for reunions tours/ albums. Only time will tell, but until then, Panic! At the Disco will be deeply missed. 

Giana Miller is a third-year majoring in telecommunications. To contact her, email