Album Review: Misadventures | Pierce the Veil

Story posted September 5, 2016 in CommRadio by Allison Wulfhorst

Loyal and even new fans of Pierce the Veil (PTV) have been eagerly awaiting another release after their well-received 2012 record, Collide with the Sky. Because the wait was so long, fans were worried that the record would not live up to the standards PTV indirectly placed on themselves with their three previous releases. However, this is not the case; every song on this record is so well crafted, catchy and still holds onto that something that makes listeners know that they are listening to a PTV song.

Although PTV’s lyrics are complex and could have multiple meanings, I noticed there is a theme of love and losing it. Most of vocalist Victor Fuente’s lyrics seem to express lost love.

“Dive In:” After listening to the beginning 25 seconds of pure guitar, I already was in love with this song. But it was this opening that made me realize I was going to love this album, without even listening to the rest of the song or any others. It is so different than the others because it sounds like there are different songs in this one, however, it stills comes off to me as a PTV song. Do not be intimidated by the length of it, it is one of the best opening songs on a record that I have heard in a long time.

  • Lyrics that express lost love: “Don’t mean to break your heart/Pull the pin out of my heart.”

“Texas is Forever:” The drums in this song are one of the most crucial parts of this song because drummer, Mike Fuentes, is able to play faster than most. This talent makes him one of the best drummers in the genre.  The instruments got me hooked on this song, even the guitar riff in the beginning and before the verses is unique and unlike anything I have heard before. The love theme runs deep in this song because for fans who know their album, Selfish Machines, particularly the song “Caraphernelia,” will understand the similarities. In that song, Vic says, “talking to my mama bout this little girl from Texas, what if I can’t forget you?” Now this song is titled “Texas is Forever” and says, “I’ve loved you ever since then.” This makes me think that he is talking about the same girl or same lost love.

“The Divine Zero:” This song is similar to “Dive In,” because the tempo and style changes to quickly that it seems like there are two or more songs inside the one. Being able to change tempos so quickly and almost randomly is a talent that only PTV can pull off. I have heard other artists attempt this style, but it never sounds as well done.

  • Lyrics that express lost love: “Your serotonin’s gone, the kerosene is gone, the sunset is gone, it’s all gone.”

“Floral and Fading:” This song’s style is simple and easy to listen to. This is a nice touch so the listener can focus more so on the lyrics than the instrumentals. I think that Vic wants that of his listeners because he is trying to tell a love story. The verses explain what is happening, in the most literal way Vic can explain it. Which is not very literal because he prefers metaphors. In the chorus is where the lost love aspect emerges. “So now we’re gonna chase the moon like fire, yeah, together we can fake our own deaths here. Just wanna be alone and watch as you all just disappear.”

“Circles:” This song is told from the perspective of the shooting in Paris, as it’s about a couple running from the chaos. This song is the least complex, instrumentally, and since it’s simple in that regard, it allows more focus on the lyrics just like “Floral and Fading.” “You took my hand and we both started running…another bullet and we both started running.” And the most powerful lyric to me, “Screaming while the exit signs read heaven’s waiting.”

“Gold Medal Ribbon:” “I’ll teach you to love,” Vic is chasing whom he loves and desires and she either does not love him back or she is afraid of getting hurt by him. This lyric is one of the more powerful lyrics on the album because he is not simply sharing how he is hurting, but explaining what he will do for her.

Although I didn’t highlight the other songs, they still have strong elements of a lost love.

  • “Today I Saw the Whole World:” “My heart is on a pendulum tonight, if your lungs are mine. I only wanna watch your clouds linger in the darkness.” 

  • “Bedless:” “Why am I the one falling apart?”

  • “Sambuka:” “Tell me what you want until it hurts, I’ll hang myself in lights and I’ll glow for you.”

  • “Song of Isabelle:” “If you love me, tell me more.”

This album passed my expectations and blew me away with how complex and how many meanings to the lyrics I’m still discovering. PTV is such a talented band and that never goes unnoticed in any of their records.


Allison Wulfhorst is a freshman majoring in Journalism. To contact her, email her at or follow her on Twitter: @AlliWulfhorst.