Amaranthe – “Manifest” Review

Story posted October 7, 2020 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Colton Pleslusky

Amaranthe, a Swedish metal band, released their newest album “Manifest” on Friday.

Following the trend they set back back in 2008 with their debut album “Amaranthe,” the band features three singers who all offer their own signature style of vocals.

Elize Ryd provides her typically beautiful vocals, tackling the chorus as well as her own verses throughout the songs. Nils Molin handles just as much with his own strong input. Enrick Wilhelmsson kicks up each song with his powerful growling vocals.

Combined with the talents of Olof Mörck, Morten Sørensen and Johan Andreassen, “Manifest” is just as powerful as the albums that came before, but also with some new twists not seen before.

The first theme that “Manifest” presents is change. Songs like “Make It Better” and “Do or Die” are prime examples as both songs are about a need for the world to be set in a different direction than it is heading now.

“Make it Better” carries a “we are in this together” tone, taking a stand for what one believes needs to be done. “Do or Die” takes a harsher approach, presenting a torn apart atmosphere and asking the listener “Are you doing anything? If not, look me in the eye and tell me why.”

The second theme is finding one’s inner strengths. Songs like “Fearless” and “Strong,” with the latter featuring Battle Beast’s Noora Louhimo and her powerful vocals, push forward a sense of finding oneself and realizing the power that hides behind your own barriers.

The instrumental is vaguely the same as past work by Amaranthe.

The album is fast-paced, thrilling, and contains songs listeners can run a mile to. In contrast, the song “Crystalline” offers an instrumental that can be played in a ballroom accomplished with a beautiful use of the violin.

As for the album in general, fast-paced use of guitars and heavy drums prove their worth once again being the standard for Amaranthe’s instrument lineup.

Compared to the past, “Manifest” adds a few twists to Amaranthe’s usual style. While it is quite common for the band to have more heartfelt songs, “Crystalline” is a new take on doing it.

Taking a slow start and working into a faster pace with cuts of the instrumental to complement the opening tone of the song, it is certainly unique in the band’s discography. Other examples are “Fearless,” which provides a faster song that may remind someone of the likes of Sabaton, while “The Game” seems like it could be an opening to an animated show about people trying to save their planet.

Finally, “Boom!” let’s Wilhelmsson lose in a way only seen before in the song “Fury,” taking on a fast, growling rap style not usual for the band.

All things considered, this album provides a nice change of pace compared to past albums.

Amaranthe in general is a band for those who love fast-paced music, and “Manifest” is no different. With a mix of meaningful, supersonic and thrilling songs, “Manifest” fits itself nicely into Amaranthe’s ever-growing collection of awesome albums.

Amaranthe should continue expanding the different ways they write songs as years go by as this album was a brilliant surprise.

Reviewer’s Favorite Song: Archangel
Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song: Adrenaline

Rating: 7/10

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