Aminé - 2022 Movin’ On Performance Review

Story posted May 1, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Caelan Chevrier

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – From just minutes after Aminé set foot onto the stage, it was clear that he brought more energy than any of the other performers of the night. With zero hesitation, he got himself moving and grooving, having an incredible stage presence the entire hour that he was on.

Aminé looked truly happy to be there and was interactive with the crowd. His DJ and himself repeatedly told the crowd that they were beautiful. With just a weekend before finals, it was the perfect message to hear, especially if one was struggling.

Rapid-fire was the name of the game when it came to Aminé’s setlist. He rarely played the entirety of his tracks, but instead just about two minutes of them. This helped keep the liveliness up and retain the attention of the crowd.

He opened with “Mad Funny Freestyle” from his newest record, “TWOPOINTFIVE.” As he danced across the stage for the first time, he yelled out for everyone to bounce. He was quick to pull the Penn State audience in.

However, the crowd was a bit weak sometimes. Because he played a great variety of material, there was only so much that students knew word for word. For all of the effort that he was giving, he probably deserved a little more back.

Despite that, Aminé proved his superstar potential. His greatest moments came from the last 15 minutes of his set. Here, he busted out “Heebiejeebies,” and “Spice Girl” from his debut album. Immediately phones shot up to record the stage, and the crowd seemed to get rowdier.

He brought it all together with his breakout hit, “Caroline.” He started the track more downtempo and dramatic than the released version, building tension in the venue. Finally, when the drums and 808 kicked in, the ground shook harder than it had all day prior.

Right after, he closed his set with “REEL IT IN,” another one of his most popular tracks. Before he started, he asked the crowd to open up the pit. Even though the crowd had just seen plenty of energy from "Caroline," this is where it peaked for the entire night.

Thankfully, (probably) no one got hurt. This was easily Movin’ On’s greatest moment of the year. College students were let loose left and right, and after so much time being held back with restrictions, one could tell that they especially enjoyed this moment.

By the end of the night, it was clear that Aminé had the best performance. It was evident he was truly happy to perform there, and he most definitely gained new fans.

Aminé was near-perfect. With just a few more bangers in his discography, and a more synergetic crowd, this could have been a performance talked about for years to come. Even without the hypotheticals, Aminé put on an outstanding show.

Rating: 4/5

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