“Andor” - Episode 7 Review

Story posted November 3, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Mac Young

“Andor” Episode 7 Review

Syril gets a new job, Cassian heads home (then immediately leaves) and Deedra gets a win in “Andor” Episode 7, “Announcement”.

For a show set on slowing down the outrageous and plentiful cameos of past Star Wars Disney+ shows, we get a nice showing of a character only dedicated fans would realize.

Admiral Yularen, a character who first appeared in the background of Star Wars: A New Hope then later had his back story shown in Star Wars the Clone Wars, speaks to the ISB about increased security.

It was a nice moment to see and most importantly the cameo made sense and did not feel forced. It feels like showrunner Tony Gilroy asked Pablo Hidalgo for an important imperial figure to speak to the ISB and Yularen made perfect sense.

Fun, random cameo aside, we get a nice character moment from Deedra here where she notes to her assistant that this keen-jerk reaction was exactly what the rebels wanted. She notes their attack as this episode’s title, an “Announcement”.

Last episode, it was sort of a mystery with what Cassian would do next. He completed the mission, got paid and could do whatever he wanted when we last saw him.

Turns out Andor had his heart set on home with his adopted mother. He tries to convince her to leave Ferrix with all the money he has accumulated, but it turns out she has been motivated by the very rebel effort Cassian was a part of.

She wishes to stay and rebel while Cassian gets away. The two had a great emotional scene here where they express their love for each other despite going their seperate ways.

On Syril’s end of things, he starts his new job in the galaxy’s largest set of cubicles. The camerawork showing the endless line of computers and workers going over meaningless imperial data is jarring.

I am very interested to see where Syril’s journey is going. There is a reason we keep seeing him and I wonder if he will rise his way through the imperial ranks to take down Cassian or eventually see the evils of the Empire and switch sides.

We also learn that Mon Mothma had no idea about the Aldhani mission and is looking to recruit an old friend to help her move her rebellion money.

Mothma also confronts Luthen to ask if was involved with the mission where one of the best lines of the episode takes place. Mothma says “people will suffer” to which Luthen replies, “that’s the plan.”

Later, Cassian heads to a planet that some say looks like “space Miami” which is pretty accurate.

He is living under another alter ego before being arrested for suspiciously walking near a robbery. The new imperial directives are in full effect and Andor is sentenced to six years of jail time.

I should note how scary the KX droids looked in this episode. Most viewers know these droids as the funny droid companion from Rogue One, but the KX droid holding Cassian was huge and intimidating.

So we end with Cassian in jail and Luthen’s rebels supposedly trying to tie up loose ends from the Aldhani mission by killing Andor. It should be interesting to see how Andor will escape jail and be pulled back into the rebellion, because as of now he’s far from the fight.

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