Around the NBA: March 5

Audio/Story posted March 6, 2020 in CommRadio, Sports by Zech Lambert

Host Zech Lambert and analysts Logan Bourandas, Gabe Angieri and special guest Andrew Field take a look around the NBA.

The NBA always finds a way to produce some pretty crazy story lines. One of these came out when, after a win against the Houston Rockets, the New York Knicks got into a feud with their biggest fan, Spike Lee.

The dispute started over which entrance Lee used to get into Madison Square Garden. Lee was asked to use the VIP entrance instead of the employee entrance. Lee said he had been using the employee entrance for 28 years and that he is “being harrassed by James Dolan.”

A picture surfaced of Dolan and Lee shaking hands, but Lee claims the picture was a set-up.

Whatever the reason for this feud, it overshadows a huge win for the Knicks and a monster game for their rookie RJ Barrett, who tied a career-high with 27 points in the victory. The Knicks can just never seem to stay out of the news for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with actual basketball.

In more basketball related news, it’s no secret the Golden State Warriors have struggled this season. They have tried to make some changes to their team by shipping out guard D’Angelo Russell for Andrew Wiggins, but the biggest problem they have faced is injuries. They have been without both Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry for a good chunk of the season, but they will be getting a huge lift as their former MVP returns to action Thursday.

The move to bring Curry back is an interesting one on the part of Golden State. The Warriors are nowhere near making the playoffs out west, so many people think they should tank for the best draft pick possible so they can reload for next year. However, bringing Curry back after 58 missed games is the complete opposite of that. Curry will help the team win and hurt their lottery odds.

Curry returning is good for the NBA, though. He is an all-time great shooter and having him on the court will sell tickets and is always fun for fans to watch.


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