Around the Pac-12: Week 10 (Basketball)

Story posted January 28, 2021 in CommRadio, Sports by Cole Koffler

PAC-12 basketball has been hard to put a finger on as of late.

Throughout the last couple years, the Arizona WIldcats have been a dominant force. But, now the City of Los Angeles has two contenders for the PAC 12 title.

UCLA is back to being a force in the west. Led by Tyger Campbell, the Bruins look like the dominant UCLA basketball teams of old. Coming off of a devastating overtime loss to Stanford, the Bruins are looking to get back to winning ways against a tough Oregon team.

Across town, the USC Trojans are right behind UCLA . The tallest lineup in the NCAA is crawling with talent.

The Mobley brothers have stood out from the rest of the squad and both Isaiah and Evan are NBA caliber players.

Colorado is building on the impressive season they had last year, which unfortunately had to be cut short due to COVID-19. Sitting in third in the conference, the Buffalo are hungry to get to the tournament as they felt like it was robbed from them last year.

An impressive win over Washington State keeps the Buffalo momentum going. If Arizona State says “no pity for the kitty” then Arizona is definitely putting the forks down after dominating them in basketball.

Other than UCLA, Arizona is the PAC 12’s most consistent tournament bid. Sitting in fourth, it looks that the Wildcats are on the same track they set out to do every season and that is to win a championship.

Oregon and Stanford may be two bubble teams for the tournament in March.

Stanford is coming off of a statement win over a ranked UCLA team in overtime. The Cardinal also have the PAC 12’s leading scorer Oscar da Silva.

Oregon has played less games than the other teams in contention for the title, but the Ducks are still as dangerous as they were last year. We will get to see what both of these teams are made of as Stanford plays Arizona and Oregon goes to Westwood to play UCLA.

The PAC 12 is probably the most underrated conference in basketball. The conference may not be the best, but it sure is entertaining to watch.

Just like football, nobody eats its own like the PAC 12.

Cole Koffler is a freshman majoring in communications. To contact him, email