Bateman Case Study Competition

Story posted March 2, 2022 in CommRadio, News by Anna Adams

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The Bellisario College of Communications students are competing in the “Bateman Case Study Competition” this year.  This competition is aimed towards students wanting to pursue a career in public relations.

This yearly case-study competition is open for students nationwide to participate and compete.  The goal is aimed to strengthen classroom work to real world public relations experience. 

The case study this year is to bring awareness to lymphoma, a cancer of the blood, that affects many.  Students will have the opportunity to work together, plan and execute a campaign to bring awareness to this cause.

CommRadio spoke with Ethan Harris, a fourth-year student majoring in public relations who says the mission of this case study is to beat lymphoma.

“The competition is for PRSSA students, to see whose case study is best, whose public relations campaign is most strategic and successful and kind of promoting whatever the client’s mission is,” Harris said.

It is specifically aimed to inform “AIA’s” or adolescents and young adults about lymphoma.  Harris states that this age ranges from 15-39 and continues by saying, “People of this age are somewhat uninformed about the signs, the symptoms or anything associated with lymphoma.”
By participating in this campaign, students can work together to gain more experience in the public relations industry and bring awareness to lymphoma.  This movement also is being used across different campuses around the nation.


Anna Adams is a fourth-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email