Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials 2023

Story posted February 25, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Commradio Staff

Best Super Bowl Commercial – “We Wanna Hear You”

In a Philadelphia-Kansas City Super Bowl, the New York Mets still found a way to make themselves heard.

The Mets used their thirty seconds of fame to sell tickets with their star players making moves in the office.

From Brandon Nimmo answering phones, to Tomas Nido and Kodai Senga chatting on the phone, and Edwin Diaz doing his infamous closer strikeout pose when he makes a sale, the Mets commercial was light-hearted and got fans excited for their upcoming season.

Mr. Met made his appearance sitting at manager Buck Showalter’s desk attempting to put a headset on, but of course, it snapped over his large head before he could sell any tickets.

Owner Steve Cohen is a big believer in fan feedback, hence the title of the commercial being “We Wanna Hear You,” and letting fans know that “Amazin’ seats await.”

Fans can scan the QR code that remains at the bottom of the ad for tickets and get hype for the 162 games ahead. - Adrianna Gallucci

Best Superbowl Commercial - “Bud Lite Hold”

One of the most tame, but effective commercials shown during the Superbowl this year was a Bud Lite ad featuring Miles Teller and his wife, Keleigh Sperry.

The ad starts by showing Sperry on hold over the phone, when Teller cracks open two Bud Lites, and the couple begins dancing together to the hold music.

The two of them are a very wholesome couple, and created a very memorable commercial for Bud Lite.

Of course the ad gained a lot of publicity due to Teller’s increased attention after his role in “Top Gun: Maverick”, but the two held attention in the ad all on their own.

One of the cutest commercials throughout the whole game. - Savannah Swartz

Worst Super Bowl Commercial – “Tubi”

Tubi or not to be (not!).

After the regular commercials, viewers were cut back to Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen on FOX, but the TV suddenly cut out as if someone put Tubi on to watch “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” The ad clicked on to the movie, the Tubi logo was displayed, and then business went on as usual with the game.

Not only was this ad annoying, it was a ridiculous attempt by Tubi to insert itself with the streaming giants like Netflix, who had a Super Bowl commercial.

There have also been reports of domestic violence associated with the commercial. In one report, a woman said her boyfriend screamed at her to put the game back on, and when she explained that she didn’t do anything, he punched a hole in the wall.

It was nothing less than a funny prank to gain attention, but Tubi has to recognize that in a high-pressure game for a demographic with a quick temper, they cannot mess around.
- Adrianna Gallucci

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