The Best Celebrity Nepotism Babies

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Hollywood is filled with nepotism babies. Some of these children are just famous because their parents are famous, however there are a decent amount of these children who are incredibly talented. Members from our Arts & Entertainment department wrote about some celebrities that got the gifted genes from their famous parents.

Rashida Jones

Many people may have disliked Karen from “The Office” because of Jim and Pam but Rashida Jones hate won’t be tolerated.

Jones is the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton. Her father is a musician, record producer, composer, songwriter, and film and television producer. He has won a whopping 28 Grammys, and is famous also for working with Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson. Her mother was an actress, singer, and model, who is famous for her roles in “The Mod Squad” and “Twin Peaks.”

After “The Office,” Jones played Ann Perkins on another beloved NBC comedy series “Parks and Recreation.” She has also starred in “Angie Tribeca” and “#blackAF,” and appeared in movies such as “The Social Network,” and “I Love You, Man.”

Jones has also done work in film writing, modeling, and music. She even had a short lived podcast with Bill Gates entitled “Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions.”

- Izzy Charboneau

Maya Rudolph

It’s evident that many celebrities come from high-profile families in the entertainment industry.

Even with the clear unfair advantages, not many “nepotism babies” have been able to shine brighter than their famous parents.

An obvious exception to this is comedy legend Maya Rudolph.

Rudolph is the daughter of singer Minnie Riperton and composer Richard Rudolph.

Riperton passed while Rudolph was 16, so her actual “nepotism” is debatable, regardless Rudolph has had the level of success to eclipse her parents.

Joining “Saturday Night Live” in 1999, Rudolph is agreed to be one of the best cast members. A 2015 ranking of all 145 cast members from Rolling Stone put Rudolph at number 18.

Even after leaving “SNL” in 2007, Rudolph has returned to play Vice President Kamala Harris since the show's 45th season, earning an Emmy for the role in 2020. That award was in addition to Rudolph’s two Emmys for her role in “Big Mouth” and an additional Emmy in 2021 when she hosted “SNL.”

Rudolph has a filmography any comic would be envious of. From “Bridesmaids” to “The Good Place,” Rudolph will always be a scene stealer, to the point that even her brief cameos and late-night interviews are iconic.

Rudolph has never shied away from talking about her famous mother; both times hosting “SNL,” the actress has recreated some of Riperton's most iconic looks in the photoshoots.

There aren’t many celebrities as funny, charming, captivating and talented as Rudolph. Famous parents or not, she was born with the quality that makes people stars.

- Sophia D’Ovidio

Tracee Ellis Ross

When most people hear the name Tracee Ellis Ross, they think about her role as Rainbow Johnson in Black-ish, her accomplishments in the film industry and herself as a role model for young Black women.

Children of superstars are often entangled in scandal and shock, making it the norm for most of them.

Unlike most nepotism babies, Ross has not been linked to any drama before or during her career, which may be why many forget or are not aware that she is the daughter of Diana Ross.

The American actress has built a brand for herself in the film industry, without free-riding on her mother’s status. She undoubtedly follows in her mother’s footsteps, getting nominated for numerous awards, and becoming an icon for young women both in and out of Hollywood.

Ross recently worked on a Hulu six-part docu series with Oprah Winfrey “The Hair Tales,” a show that embraces Black beauty, and more specifically celebrates the Black hair.

Throughout her career Ross has used her platform as a means of raising up women and the Black community, exemplifying the positive influence that nepotism babies can have in the world when they use their accessibility to resources to good use.

- Abby Chachoute

Lily Collins

Oui, oui, Lily Collins certainly did not need the assistance of her father to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Lily Collins is the daughter of famous singer, songwriter and frontman of the rock band Genesis, Phil Collins. He’s also known for his exceptional work on the soundtrack for Disney’s Tarzan film, which is frequently joked about on social media.

While Lily may have inherited her father’s starpower, she worked hard to achieve the success she’s reached today.

Lily starred alongside acting legend Julia Roberts in the 2012 version of Snow White’s fairy tale titled “Mirror, Mirror,” which was a fresh and bright take on the classic story (even if critics disagree).

She also joined Sam Claflin in the popular 2014 romantic comedy “Love, Rosie,” which is a touching friends-to-lovers film that proves sometimes, relationships just require two people to play the long game.

Most notably, Lily currently stars as Emily Cooper in Netflix’s romantic comedy series “Emily in Paris.” Yes, Emily can certainly be a bit annoying at times, but that’s the satire and humor of the show.

Emily is an American (who can only speak English) living in Paris and working at a French company. She’s always bubbly, friendly, and posting about her adventures in the City of Lights, and that comes across as annoying to some viewers.

Although Lily’s early work may not have received rave reviews, she’s an incredibly talented actress that has never been defined by her relationship to her father.

- Kaitlyn Murphy

Billie Lourd

Billie Lourd, the daughter of Carrie Fisher and granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds, has continued in her family's footsteps as an incredible actress. Lourd isn’t only an amazing talent, but an incredibly funny and kind person.

Since the beginning of her career in 2015, Lourd has had many notable roles in shows such as “Scream Queens” and “American Horror Story” as well as films, “Booksmart”, “Ticket to Paradise”, and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”.

Her performances in both “Scream Queens” and “American Horror Story” are incredible. She has incredible comedic timing, but can also deliver deadpan dialogue in an interesting way. Although she doesn’t emote a ton, her subtle performances are always very endearing and memorable.

She showed off her true comedic expertise in “Booksmart” in which she showed off a ton of wild energy that made her one of the standouts in the film.

Billie Lourd’s career is just beginning, however she has already made her mark and continued the impressive line of talent from her family lineage.

- Jack Freiser

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