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Story posted April 22, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Department

With the Easter and Passover holiday around the corner, the Arts & Entertainment describe their favorite Easter/Passover themed specials from TV shows.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” - “Valloweaster” Season 7 Episode 11

While this episode technically covers three different holidays (Halloween, Valentine's Day and Easter), this episode is bookended with the squad's Halloween heist shenanigans occurring on Easter.

In the episode, the iconic Halloween heist that occurs each season is shown across the three aforementioned holidays. Due to a disaster occurring on Halloween and Valentine's, the heist finally gets pushed back to Easter.

This is not only a fun twist on a typical Easter episode but also on the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” heist episode, which was on its seventh iteration. Considering the show no longer aired in October, this was a clever loophole by the writers as well.

Any heist episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is destined to be iconic. Between the squad's typical backstabbing and insanely competitive behavior, an off-brand infinity gauntlet, the squad being dressed in bunny suits and the first three-time winner (debatable), this episode is an essential watch. - Sophia D’Ovidio

“Gossip Girl” - “Seder Anything” Season 2 Episode 21

Gossip Girl does not hesitate to bring the drama in every episode, and it being the holy holiday of Passover caused no exceptions.

Dan takes a job as a cater-waiter to save up money for Yale, but is horrified to find out his gig is Blaire Waldorf and her family’s Passover seder at their penthouse.  And if that does not sound bad enough, several of his friends and family members are last-minute guests, including his ex-girlfriend and father and sister.

The episode title is a play on the movie “Say Anything,” which is fitting as more than enough is said at this seder.  Everyone’s secrets start to come out in the open as one person confronts another, and soon the seder turns into a pool of screaming matches.

This seder was exactly what should be expected of Gossip Girl, classically filled with chaos, secrets, and confrontations. - Rachel Fisher

“Superstore” - “Easter” Season 4 Episode 16

Following the Cloud 9 employees working during the Easter season, this episode of “Superstore” offers a fun perspective on this holiday.

Glenn elicits help from his fellow employees as he got a promotion in his Church’s passion play and now has the coveted role of Judas. The naive and principled Glenn struggles to truthfully portray the famous traitor.

Along with this, Dina attempts to find a rouge Easter bunny roaming around the store. Considering Cloud 9 isn’t having any of their own Easter bunnies since they all got jumped by teenagers last year, this mystery bunny proves to be a formidable foe to the by-the-book assistant store manager.

The episode also follows Amy dealing with becoming the store manager. She discovers the camera in the break room picks up sound and can hear everything her subordinates say about her.

Between the tacky Easter decorations in the store and the Easter-related antics, this isn’t just a great Easter episode but is also one of “Superstore’s” best. - Sophia D’Ovidio

“Bob’s Burgers” - “Eggs for Days” Season 7 Episode 16

Every year, Linda and Bob get super competitive with one another as they try to see who does the best job at hiding the eggs.  However, they accidentally get way too drunk on Jelly Bean schnapps and forget all of their hiding spots.

The children manage to find the eggs and the last one to be found in Bob’s, so he crowns himself “the king of eggs.”  However, the next morning they realize something is up.

This horrible smell turns out to be a rotting egg, and the last egg was not found after all.  The family needs to find the egg before they get evicted and lose all their customers as the smell gets so bad it seeps into the restaurant.

The craziest part of it all is the kids reveal that they do not even like the Easter egg hunts because of how competitive their parents get, and they put up with it just to make them happy.

This episode flips the script on Easter egg hunts and creates a hilarious and memorable story of a family Easter egg hunt going awry. - Rachel Fisher

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