Best Super Bowl Trailers 2023

Opinion posted February 20, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts and Entertainment department

The Super Bowl is the perfect time for studios to promote upcoming films. Sometimes these trailers, however, can be really fantastic.

Here is a list of the best trailers that debuted during the Super Bowl this year.

“Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny”

Indiana Jones is one of the most iconic movie characters, and fans are excited for the character’s return for the fifth installment, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny”.

Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Jones, Phoebe Waller-Bridge will play Jones’s goddaughter and Mads Mikkelsen will play the antagonist.

Almost 20 years after Jones’s last adventure, the U.S. government brought ex-Nazis in to help beat the Soviets in the Space Race. The antagonist, Jurgen Voller, has an ulterior motive that Jones needs to discover.

The trailer shows Jones with his iconic props, like his hat and whip, and action-packed scenes.

“Dial of Destiny” uses the same de-aging technology that “The Mandalorian” used on Ford.

In the trailer, a bag comes off Ford’s head and reveals the de-aged actor, which can add so much story and background to the film.

There’s so much hype over the fifth installment of the series, and fans will be able to experience the action one last time on June 30. - Adrianna Gallucci


Right away, this trailer stood out from the rest because it features a classic duo: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Both actors star in the film and are producers of the project. Affleck is directing “Air”, which will be released in theaters on April 5.

“Air” is not portrayed to be a typical documentary about a legendary basketball player. Instead, it is a film highlighting legendary basketball shoes.

If viewers expect a Michael Jordan documentary, they can watch the 2020 docu-series, “The Last Dance.”

This trailer itself invoked drama, humor and, best of all, goosebumps.

The hook, line and sinker of the minute-long clip is when Jordan’s mother, played by Viola Davis, finishes the sentence, “a shoe is just a shoe” saying, “…until my son steps into it.”

Sneakerheads, basketball fans and history buffs can all anticipate this story of a slam-dunk collaboration for Nike that propelled modern culture and sports into a new era. - McKenna Wall

“The Super Mario Bros Movie”

This one goes out to all the 2000s kids that grew up hiding their 3DS under their pillow at night and cried when they beat the final Bowser's Castle on Wii.

“The Super Mario Bros Movie” had a minute-long trailer spot during the Super Bowl that started as a commercial for Super Mario Bros Plumbing, the company that Mario and Luigi run on the side while they’re not saving worlds.

It quickly transitioned into a battle between Mario and Donkey Kong in a packed arena, where Mario’s only hope of beating him was hitting a mystery box and getting a power-up.

Hearing the same sound effect that was used in the game was a blast of nostalgia, and it looks like the entire movie will follow suit.

The trailer was soundtracked by an epic version of the original theme song, and based on other TV spots released so far it appears that almost every character from the game will make an appearance.

“The Super Mario Bros Movie” was made by people who love Mario as much as fans of the game do, so it will likely be a hit when it drops in April. -Kaitlyn Murphy

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