Big Wild’s “Superdream” Album Review

posted February 8, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment, CommRadio by Rachel Miloscia

Big Wild has finally given the electronic music lovers his debut album “Superdream.” Following his EP in 2015, “Invincible”, this twelve track album gives listeners a more personal view on who Big Wild is. He wanted to create a personal record that people could relate to by incorporating his life experiences.

On “Invincible”, Big Wild experiments with different sounds to create an electronic, indie groove sound that is different from the traditional style of electronic music. On this album, Big Wild challenges himself to create a different sound.

“This led me to feature my voice and songwriting as the main focus for the first time ever,” Big Wild said.

Along with his soothing vocals, “Superdream” is funky disco with yet again the perfect combination of electronic music.

Big Wild is a California native who made his debut appearance on ODESZA’s IN RETURN WORLD Tour in 2015. In 2017, he released his EP, “Invincible”, in ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective.

Since then Big Wild has worked with artists such as Hundred Waters, TroyBoi, GRiZ and Zhu. He has changed the sound of electronic music, with the ability to make different sounds that captivate viewers with new feelings through each song.

“Superdream” features Rationale and iDA HAWK, both pop artists. With funk and disco undertones that overlap his electronic touch, this album will dominate on music festival stomp grounds.

With three released singles, “City of Sound”, “Maker” and “Heaven”, Big Wild mixes electronic and pop together and creates this funky, head bopping flow followed by his vocals. “City of Sound” is the first song on the album, and is a great feature for Big Wild’s voice and his beats that follow.

It is a musical symphony as high tempo and electronic sounds form perfectly with Big Wild’s voice. The drums and guitar start off this song, while fainted voices echo in different pitches. Once Big Wild sings, the beat starts to speed up and adds more groovy sounds in the background, giving a taste of full on energy and happiness.

“Purple Sand (My Home),” starts off with a beautiful guitar solo in the background as Big Wild graces it with his vocals. This song’s chorus flows in and whistle noises pan between headphones, adding an indie twist to make the perfect sing along. This song is a perfect example of how Big Wild has challenged himself to sing on the album, as his voice makes the album that much more exciting.

“She Makes Magic” is one of Big Wild’s chilled out songs, as most of the song is formed with voices in different tempos and beam-like sounds playing in the background.

These three featured songs are the ones in which we hear just how vocally talented Big Wild is. As for the other seven tracks, Big Wild plays more instrumental pieces that continue to deliver great music.

Big Wild has delivered an amazing first debut album. His ability to switch up tempos with his voice in order to create a sound intertwined with various beats was amazing. He expresses just how creative a DJ really is.

The album is a personal biography for Big Wild’s fans. It shows his ability to change his sound and still remain one of the best producer and songwriters in the electronic world. His 2019 Superdream tour takes off in early March, and it is safe to say that if the album is great, the live performance will be even better!

Rating: 7/10
Reviewers best track: Pale Blue Dot
Reviewers worst track: Alley-Oop ft. iDA HAWK



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