Blake Shelton - Texoma Shore Album Review

Story posted November 6, 2017 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Lauren Smith

Blake Shelton gets his priorities in life straight by showing us his most mature sound yet with his new album Texoma Shore. His 11th studio album is full of charm and twang displayed in 11 new songs that country music fans have been waiting for. Texoma Shore is a far jump from his last album, If I’m being Honest, which was heartbreak driven from his very public divorce from Miranda Lambert, but still became 2016’s best-selling country album.

Shelton named his new album Texoma Shore after Lake Texoma, located on the border of Texas and Oklahoma, one hour away from Shelton’s hometown of Ada, Oklahoma and an hour away from where he currently lives in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Shelton recorded this album on Lake Texoma’s shore and says, “It’s full circle for me to take the love of this place and my love of country music.”

Texoma Shore shows that Shelton has moved on from the heartbreak and is happy looking ahead to the future with his current girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, who was his co-judge on The Voice, a show Shelton has been a judge on for its past 13 seasons, which has made him a household name to those who aren't country music fans. Prior to his TV fame, Shelton had a strong and much-beloved career as a superstar in country music. His new album proves he is a talented singer/songwriter who still has a lot to offer to music.

The 11 new songs are a mix of what Shelton is known to do best. The album kicks off with the first single he released from it “I’ll Name The Dogs,” a witty, corny, charm filled song where Shelton is happily looking ahead to the future and making big plans, telling his love interest in the song that, “You name the babies/ And I’ll name the dogs.”

Later in the album we find Shelton star-gazing and spending some one-on-one time with his love interest in the easy-going, twang filled song “At the House.” He experiments with electronic beats in “Besides You Babe,” a song that still fits the country music genre, but with a heavier beat that is a new sound for Shelton.

Shelton questions how a pretty city girl falls in love with a rebel country boy in “Why Me.” This song has Gwen Stefani written all over it as Shelton questions why she chose him when she could have anybody. It’s a catchy, romantic song that has a sway sound mixed with heavy picking from a banjo.

Cue a cash register chime in “Money” and that’s how Shelton opens up the song about living on a low-budget and how money isn't everything when you’re with the one you love. It’s a nod to one of his biggest hits “Boy’s Round’ Here,” meeting its similar sound of talking verses and loud sing-songy chorus.

“Turnin’ Me On,” one of the singles Shelton released off his album prior to its release, has a more old-school sound that resembles a Fleetwood Mac song. It’s a smooth tune that features a repetitive chorus mixed on top of strong guitar solos. Sonically, “Hangover Due” is another smooth, old-school sounding song, but Shelton shows off his songwriting skills in this one, displaying his playful side by singing flirty play on words.

“I Lived It” closes the album and brings Shelton back to his roots. The song displays a story of Shelton’s life when he was younger and all the things that happened that made him who he is today because he lived it. It’s filled with slide-guitar and rustic tinges that is a perfect way to end a country album.

There is no reason not to smile listening to Texoma Shore. Shelton is happy and in love and you can clearly hear it in his voice and lyrics throughout this album. He proves he has picked up the pieces from his broken heart, has found love again and is enjoying the simple things in life now.

Rating: 7/10


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