“Book of Boba Fett” – Episode 3 Review

Story posted January 14, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment, CommRadio by Madison Imber

The latest episode of Disney’s “Book of Boba Fett” succeeds in the main protagonist’s character development while it lacks in its storytelling.

Episode three once again showcases Boba Fett’s desire to rule over the areas of Tatooine through methods that fall short of what the people of Tatooine have been used to. Enemies continue to threaten his endeavors and make his mission much more difficult.

In the episode’s opening, Boba Fett’s droid is outlining the territories and how the previous ruling power was dispersed after Jabba the Hutt’s death, an event that took place in “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”.

Audiences learn that Mos Espa, the town at focus in the show, was divided into three families. Bib Fortuna, the one who took over after Jabba, relied on fragile alliances within the town to maintain his power.

Now, the citizens of Mos Espa are waiting to see what kind of ruler Boba will be.

Boba and Fennec Shand decide to investigate their previous assassination attempt that the Hutts ordered since they laid a claim to the land and wanted Boba gone.

Next, Lortha Peel, a water-monger in the Worker’s District, comes to Boba Fett and his associates to ask for a favor to get rid of a gang that has been stealing his water inventory.

After a tense conversation that builds suspense towards these new hostiles, it is discovered that this cruel gang modifies their bodies with droid parts to become cyborgs, enhancing their lethality.

Boba goes and speaks with them, and the gang explains that there has been no work for them to do for wages to live off, resulting from the turmoil in Mos Espa.

Because of this, Boba instead offers them to work for him, upsetting Lortha Peel, and casting aside the original conflict.

Later that night, Boba is once again faced with another assassination plot, where a Wookie bounty hunter is found in his sleeping quarters, waiting for the proper time to strike.

The wookie’s plot is foiled when the cyborg gang of criminals redeems themselves, rescuing Boba in his time of need, trapping the would-be-assassin in the former Rancor pit of Jabba’s palace.

After such an eventful night and a second attempt on his life, Boba is certainly paranoid. He was lucky to survive one, and now two attempts.

Following the attack, the Hutt Twins, a recurring enemy that Boba has been competing against in terms of power, pay Boba a visit at their former palace.

As an apology to Boba, the Twins deliver him a gift: a baby rancor, a symbol of terror and power under the reign of Jabba, where enemies would cower in fear upon hearing its roar.

Known for their extreme loyalty to their owners, it is hinted that Boba will soon be riding his Rancor and projecting his power with it across Mos Espa.

In an important piece of dialogue following the exchange of gifts, audiences learn that the Hutt Twins will be leaving Tatooine, citing the fear of a power struggle between crime syndicates.

The episode ends with the discovery that the mayor of Mos Espa has sided with the Pyke crime syndicate, weighing the power struggle against Boba.

Upon the end of the episode, three major criticisms can be pointed to for the rather weak story that this episode provided.

First being, the cyborg criminal organization that was introduced in the beginning episode had major opportunities for character design but missed the mark entirely.
From their costumes, weapons, and their speeders that were supposed to look like motorcycles, everything about the design was comically bad.

Secondly, the assassination attempt against Boba by the Wookie bounty hunter was difficult to watch. It consisted of poor acting, a weak fight scene by the cyborg criminal organization, and a corny resolution to the assassination attempt.

In what could have been a brutal scene of Boba and the Wookie fighting hand to hand, instead, the cyborgs came to the rescue, with mediocre weapons and uninteresting tactics.

Lastly, the Hutt Family leaving Tatooine has massive repercussions to the Star Wars Universe and the fan base. Seen as an everlasting scourge on the desert sands, the Hutt family is what gave Tatooine its gritty personality.

Without the Hutts on Tatooine, and Boba’s role switching from deadly bounty hunter to protector and unifier of syndicates, what die-hard fans could be worried about is everything becoming paradise-like on a planet that was engineered to be anything but.

Overall, the episode delivered in continuing Boba Fett’s backstory and how it ties into his present conflicts. However, major improvements need to be made in inducing excitement and quality content for those who have been a fan of the Star Wars franchise for a long time.

Madison Imber is a second-year majoring in public relations. To contact her, email mbi5065@psu.edu.