College Gameday Brings Spirit to White Out Pregame

Story posted October 2, 2018 in CommRadio, News by Mia Melchior

STATE COLLEGE (PA) - Penn State is now 4-1 after a tough loss to Ohio State on Saturday night. However, Happy Valley did manage to get a win for its school spirit early Saturday morning when hundreds of people gathered for ESPN College GameDay in preparation for the big game. The event took place on the Old Main lawn where people brought their energy and creative signs to get pumped up for the rivalry.

“My favorite part of GameDay is probably seeing all of the signs,” said Penn State freshman, Megan Morris. “I love how people come up with different creative things to say about Penn State and Ohio State and everything just going around,” said Megan.

Throughout the entire show, the ESPN GameDay crew had Happy Valley cheering and laughing as they hyped up the crowd, talked college football and made their own selections for which team would come out victorious.

“It was really cool and there was definitely an exciting atmosphere,” said Kaitlyn Wethey, a Penn State fan in attendance. “There was a lot of adrenaline and it was really awesome to see everybody out in white and supporting the football team.”

Before the end of ESPN College GameDay show Saturday, host Lee Corso picked Penn State to win the whiteout game with a fake out, pulling out a Nittany Lion head but waiting to put it on. He then tossed it aside, making the crowd think he was going with the Buckeyes until he pulled out a second Nittany Lion head and put it on.



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