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Story posted December 16, 2021 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Staff

To top off 2021, Spotify listeners can now gain insight into their listening history. Here, CommRadio members explain who their top artist was, top song, and the amount of time listening to music.

Top Song: “THINK ABOUT ME” - jxdn
Top Artist: jxdn
Minutes listened: 21,283 minutes

Is it obvious that I like jxdn? Jxdn’s music career took off in 2021 and I’m all for it.

I first discovered him on TikTok as another thirst trapper. Then, he came out with his first single “Comatose” and it intrigued me. He is signed with Travis Barker’s record label, DTA.

Jxdn grinded out an album that I cannot get enough of. He released “THINK ABOUT ME” in June of 2021 as a single. That means for a straight six months, I could not stop listening to that song and to his music. He is bringing punk rock back to people’s ears and I’m obsessed. Spotify said that I listened to that song 42 different times.

If anyone is in need of new music or a new punk rock artist, bias to say that jxdn should be everyone’s top choice. - Emily McGlynn

Top Song: “I Will” - The Beatles
Top Artist: The Beatles
Minutes listened: 26,416 minutes

Short and sweet. Those are the two adjectives I would use to describe my most listened song of the year, “I Will” by The Beatles — my most listened artist of the year.

In under two minutes, this song manages to feel like a warm embrace thanks to the tender instrumentation and the sweet voice of Paul McCartney, narrating how much he loves this person when they are together and even when they are apart. In addition to lending his vocals for the singing, he uses his own voice for the bass, known as “vocal bass,” found in many acapella songs.

Despite playing a small part in their timeless album “The Beatles,” popularly known as “The White Album,” it became my most cherished song of the year. - Fernanda Lopez

Top Song: “Heaven Can Wait” - George Ragan
Top Artist: Sabaton
Minutes listened: 17, 940 minutes

Upon seeing my results on the Spotify Wrapped for 2021, I was not surprised.

My top song is “Heaven Can Wait” by George Ragan the Dead Son, AKA Johnny 3 Tears of Hollywood Undead. The second this was released as a single last spring, it was constantly looping. It strikes the heart while also providing an addictive tune that pulls everything together in a bow.

My top band? Swedish power metal band Sabaton.

Sabaton has been a go-to favorite of mine for years now, and every new song they release gets me excited. They primarily write music revolving around events, battles, or persons during humanity’s long history of warfare; from Thermopylae to Afghanistan and everything in between. They’ve put a spotlight on things or people I never knew, and drove my interest in history further.

As said before, none of this comes as a shock to me. I heavily recommend for everyone to give “Heaven Can Wait” a shot. For those metalheads out there, or even history buffs, Sabaton is a great addition to your collection of artists. – Colton Pleslusky

Top Song: “Homemade Dynamite” - Lorde
Top Artist: Lorde
Minutes listened: 12,699 minutes

I’m not too surprised that “Homemade Dynamite” was my top song. Over the span of 2021, I’ve gone through many periods of mostly listening to a certain artist or genre of music, however, this song has been in my Spotify rotation regardless.

There were some times during this year that I would loop this song until I was sick of it and still love it the next time I decided to loop it, which is very unlike me. I think my love for this song comes from the fact that it is packed with amazing artists across the board, with three of them – Khalid, Post Malone and SZA – ranking in my top five.

That begs the question: what if the remaining artists in my top 5 – Doja Cat and Elton John – were to hop onto a remix of this song. That would be a very unconventional mix and chances that will ever happen are slim, but never zero. - Abigail Chachoute

Top Song: “Sadie Hawkins Dance” - Relient K
Top Artist: AJR
Minutes listened: 23,555 minutes

I listened to 23,555 minutes of music, which is more than 77% of other listeners.

My top artist was AJR because I love their music and somehow, they have a song for whatever emotion I have. I was surprised when I found out “Sadie Hawkins Dance” was my top song but thinking about it further, I know why. I could relate to the song because I was just like the narrator and the soft rock was pleasant to listen to too. - Ethan Hetrick

Top Song: “Happier Than Ever” - Billie Eilish
Top Artist: Taylor Swift
Minutes Listened: 21,000 minutes

I’ve never been a massive Billie Eilish fan, but when “Happier Than Ever” came out, I listened to it like it was the only song to exist. The transition from a mellow breakup ballad to a cathartic and angry rock song forced me to repeat this song after each listen.

I’m not surprised by this being my top song, and I definitely stand by it.

While my repetitive playing of this track may have had me take a break from it. Every time it comes on shuffle, I’m blown away again, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of my top tracks next year as well. - Sophia D’Ovidio

Top Song: “Sometimes (Backwood)” - gigi
Top Artist: Billie Eilish
Minutes Listened: 29,789 minutes

I listened to “Sometimes” by gigi a whopping 183 times this year. This was without a doubt my favorite song of the year, which is evident by how many times I listened to it.

This is such a beautiful song. I discovered this song on a random Spotify playlist and fell in love with it instantly.

Gigi has such a lovely and unique voice. She sings so delicately yet she has so much power in controlling her vocal chords.

The song writing is beautiful, but it is the melodies that truly steal the show. It is an addictive song that you can’t help but listen to over and over again and that is due to gigi’s ethereal vocals and hypnotic melodies.

Everyone should absolutely give this song a listen because it was not just my most listened to song of the year, but probably the best song made all year. - Jack Freiser

Top Song: “Orgasm of Death” - The Growlers
Top Artist: Deftones
Minutes Listened: 11,092 minutes

Every year my top song surprises me as I constantly listen to a wide variety of songs throughout the year.  This year was slightly different because when I saw that “Orgasm of Death” by The Growlers was my most played song, the memories of me listening to it on repeat came flooding back.

This song has an insanely addictive instrumental paired up with beautiful yet somber lyrics symbolizing dying and finally being free. The vocals are also extremely powerful and all I want to do while listening is sing along.

My top artist of the year was the alternative metal band, Deftones. This was no surprise to me because they are my favorite band and my favorite genre, and they became a significant part of my year.  I was a little shocked that three out of my five top songs were by Deftones but I felt proud to be such a consistent fan.

I only listened to 11,092 minutes of music on Spotify which is a little saddening.  However, I believe in quality over quantity and I’m glad that my Spotify Wrapped represents me accurately.

This song and artist will always hold a special place in my music bank and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing them. - Rachel Fisher


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