CommRadio Weekly Playlist - Nov. 22

Story posted November 23, 2021 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Department

The CommRadio Weekly Playlist – Here members of the Arts and Entertainment Department will talk about the songs that dominated their playlists during the week and what makes them so good.

“Nostálgico”- Rauw Alejandro, Rvssian and Chris Brown

This late-summer bop is an upbeat, bilingual song by producer Rvssian, featuring Rauw Alejandro and Chris Brown. The song is a blend between reggaeton beats and classic R&B. 

There is something about blending Latino and pop singers that creates gems for the music industry.

The combination of Chris Brown’s voice with Rauw Alejandro’s style, makes you want to get on your feet. Unlike other crossover songs, each artist sticks to their language and does it right.

Even though Nostalgico was released early September, it gives off strong summer-party vibes.  As the weather gets colder, “Nostálgico” is a song that will bring you back to days of warmth. - Camila Rodríguez

“She’s Leaving Home” - The Beatles

This Beatles ballad has become one of the top songs of the week thanks to its simplicity and beauty. This song really resonates with fans, as Paul McCartney sings about a girl leaving home after many years.

Based on a real case where this young girl escaped from her home and vanished, fans can interpret this song as the anthem of a girl finally deciding to seek independence and saying goodbye to her old life.

The beautiful harp is the first sound listeners hear, then followed by McCartney’s soft singing.

The simplicity of the instrumentals and McCartney’s storytelling makes this track extremely special and touching. These instruments vary from harp, cello, violin, violas to double bass, making this song a signature Sgt. Pepper track.

The chorus is what really made this song many people’s favorite of the week, as they can get lost in the harmonies while McCartney continues the narration of this somber story.

His melodic double-tracked vocals alongside Lennon’s alternate vocals in the background make this Beatles song haunting yet lovely. - Fernanda Lopez

“All I Ask”- Adele

As Adele continues this year’s sad-girl autumn, revisiting her past projects was a solid way to prepare for “30.”

“All I Ask” off her last album, “25” is a song that was easy to forget about until it was trending on TikTok earlier this fall.

Similar to most of Adele’s music, her vocal performance is heart-shattering. This isn’t a surprise as Adele is by far one of the best vocalists in contemporary music.

The lyrics on “All I Ask” are what set it apart. The feeling of desperation that Adele sings about in this song can warm even the coldest of hearts.

The lyric that ends every chorus, “cause what if I never love again,” hurts every single time, even when fans know it’s coming.

Adele may have one of the best catalogs of heartbreaking ballads, and “All I Ask” is another excellent addition to her discography. - Sophia D’Ovidio

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