CommRadio Weekly Playlist: Nov. 7

Story posted November 7, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Department

Here, members of the Arts and Entertainment Department will talk about the songs that dominated their playlists during the week and what makes them so good.


“Don’t Go Dark”- Bleachers

Whenever I am homesick, I tend to stream Bleachers’ 2020 album, “Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night.”

Something about the project's sound drawing inspiration from Jersey Shore sound, alternative rock and rockabilly, is so appealing to someone like me, one of Jack Antonoff’s fellow New Jersey natives.

So, this week I’ve found myself listening to “Don’t Go Dark” on repeat.

The sonic inspiration from artists like Bruce Springsteen is so comforting.

The lyrics draw up the perfect, heartbreaking story of watching a loved one go through self-destructive tendencies and knowing there’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s not just a great story, but one that matches up well with the situation I left for myself back home.

Between Antonoff’s defeated pleas of “Do what you want, just don’t go dark on me,” and the instrumental encapsulating the bittersweetness of having this kind of relationship, it’s a track that subversively demands your full attention.

Having modern music I love that has drawn inspiration from the artists I grew up listening to is such a genuine gift.

Antonoff’s “Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night” is the perfect soundtrack for my life, and “Don’t Go Dark” has aided me in working out some unresolved feelings from my past summer at home.

I miss my home and the Jersey Shore, but until summer, I’ll listen to Bleachers to get a taste of the places and people I find myself longing for.

- Sophia D’Ovidio


“Only If” - Steve Lacy

“Only If” is the debut track on famous indie-pop singer Steve Lacy’s debut album, “Apollo XXI.” While the song is only 1:40 long, it is super fun to listen to and leaves you wanting more.

Lacy comes in hot with a funky synthed-up electric guitar riff and some smooth bass as we enter the hook of the song.

The song talks about how he wishes he worried less when he was younger and just appreciated his youth. He says, “If I could travel through time, I think I would tell myself from the past, ‘You’ll be fine’.”

A beautiful message which ties into one of the main themes of the album: self love.

In recent years, Lacy has gotten high critical acclaim for his recent albums but I always find myself coming back to Apollo XXI, especially this song.

- Charlie Hurwitz


“Sour Candy”- Melt

This week I cannot get enough of one of Melt’s singles, “Sour Candy.” While walking around on campus, this song always keeps me entertained with all its different dynamics, instruments and a super catchy chorus.

Lead singer Veronica Steward-Frommer has one of the most talented voices I have ever heard. “Sour Candy” was also a huge replayed song for me this summer, but it is making its comeback in a lot of my playlists because it fits fall just as well.

My favorite part of the song is after the huge guitar solo and the Steward-Frommer belts out the chorus for the last time. Whether you are heartbroken or not, this song will make you want to scream the lyrics with her.

Even the single’s cover photo fits the fall vibe with red and orange trees. Schoolwork is picking up for everyone and most can’t wait to go back home for Thanksgiving break, “Sour Candy” helps me stay grounded and be mindful while walking from class to class.

- Natalie Simone 


“Mystery Lady” - Masego ft. Don Toliver

Last week, I listened to more R&B than usual and Spotify definitely caught on that “Mystery Lady” was a staple to my music rotation, playing it at least three times everyday.

This track is one of those that I could listen to without the vocals and still feel satisfied, or listen to the acoustic version to focus on Masego’s raw talent.

It comes from his album “Studying Abroad: Extended Stay,” which contains plenty of other hits that are definitely worth a listen, all having the same vibe, as well as their distinct qualities. In other words, it’s everything a listener would want from an album.

At the end of the album he has a remix of “Mystery Lady”, where he takes a different approach, really displaying his versatility in styles.

Over the years, Masego has been on my radar, but I mostly listened to some of his most popular tracks. On Youtube, there was a period of time where the website consistently recommended “Tadow,” which has over 400 million views now.

The first video that truly captured my attention was his “Navajo” performance on The Colors Show. The beginning of it especially is just so addictive to the ear, with even OVO Sound noticing and sampling it for Drake’s “Champagne Poetry.”

Masego brings so much to tha table in the music industry, and there is surely much more to look forward to from his music.

- Abby Chachoute


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