Crashing Season 3: “Mom and Kat” Recap & Review

posted February 21, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment, CommRadio by Zach Hall

Another week, another new episode of “Crashing.” Season three is shaping up to be “Crashing’s” best yet. Each new episode of the season seeks to get deeper and deeper into Pete’s psyche, whether that be his comedy career or his flowering relationship with Kat. Whatever the focus, “Crashing” is cementing its place as one of HBO’s best comedies. As always, if you are not all caught up with “Crashing,” be warned, as there will be full spoilers ahead.

Last week's episode put a spotlight on the current comedy scene and how Pete fits into it. This week, Pete’s new relationship with Kat gets the spotlight treatment. Pete is beginning his Christian comedy “tour,” with the first stop being a church near his parent’s house. Kat sees this as an opportunity to get closer to Pete by meeting his parents. Pete agrees, so the two set off.

This is where the conflict of the episode rears its ugly head. Pete was brought up in a devoutly religious household. While Pete has stepped back considerably in terms of how devout he is since the shows beginning, but his parents are just as devout as ever.

Pete’s parents also haven’t seen Pete in a relationship since he was with his ex-wife in the first season. This failed relationship was the catalyst that set Pete off against his parents and their devoutly religious ways. While Pete did not bash his parents for their views, he told them how different he has become. Their relationship is still good, but not as strong as it once was.

Kat, Pete’s current girlfriend, is the polar opposite of Pete’s parent's perception of the kind of person his ex-wife was. Kat is wild, compulsory and of course not religious in the slightest. Upon meeting one another, it is clear that Pete’s mother is the one with reservations against Kat. Kat doesn’t seem to be bothered in the beginning, with Pete’s mother giving side eyes and passive aggressive comments.

Pete’s mother's reservations about Kat are confirmed when the two have a conversation about religion, mainly about some of the inconsistencies or unexplained phenomena of the Bible. The two are set in their ways so neither one is convincing the other of anything. Again, Kat is unfazed by this, but Pete’s mother sees this as a problem.

What follows is a trip that Pete and his parents take, without Kat. Again, she doesn’t mind. During this trip, Pete’s mother pulls him aside to talk about Kat. She informs Pete that she does not agree with the “interesting views” that Kat holds about the world, going as far to say that she is not good enough for Pete. Pete is angered by this but chooses not to make a scene about it.

All of this comes to a head at the comedy show that Pete is set to perform at. The good news is that the show goes very well for Pete. The bad news is that Pete’s mother takes her disdain for Kat a bit too far at the end of the show. Pete overhears his mother telling Kat that she “needs to wear a bra,” forcing Pete to finally go over and confront his mother. Pete rarely stands up to his mother, even considering the few times that she has appeared on the show. This time, Pete really means it. The two decide to have loud intercourse later that night in Pete’s parents’ house out of spite. The episode ends with Kat, Pete and his mother in the kitchen having a very awkward breakfast.

The contrasting religious ideals of Pete and his parents have not fully been explored since the first season, and adding Kat into the mix makes it all the more interesting. Pete’s confidence is boiling over from his comedy into his personal life, with no signs of slowing down.

Next week, Pete is set to be at a comedy show with his current girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend and his ex-wife. It will be interesting to see how Pete handles this situation. One thing's for certain, hilarity and drama will undoubtedly ensue. 

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