Dead State Celebrates the Thrill of Halloween

Story posted November 1, 2013 in CommRadio by Vincent Cataldo

Penn State’s School of Theatre has chosen to spend this exhilarating Halloween with a haunted house for families, students, and tourists together. Located at the Pavilion Theatre on the corner of Shortlidge and Curtain Road, the theatre students involved in the creation of the haunted attraction have been ecstatic, and joyous of the wonderful opportunity to give visitors the scare of their life.

In all, this terrifying event has only been made possible with a team effort, along with the success of several rehearsals previous to the opening night. The creativity among the theatre students was an excellent way to show those who attend the talents they possess, as well as how amazing it is to be a part of the theatre program at Penn State in general, and hopefully to get the younger generation interested in the arts.

As generic as it sounds, the haunted house Dead State was descripted as weird, fun, scary, creative, and even creepy. The many props that were used within the diverse rooms of the theatre definitely gave the people who walked through a sense of curiosity and suspense.

Among the many that visited the haunted house, Darrell Marrow, Communication Arts and Science Major and a senior at Penn State said, “It was very eye opening to see the amazing performance that the Pavilion Theatre students put on for us tonight, they really had me spooked a couple of times”.

Not only was this event designed to scare the student population and younger generation, but there was also a night held for families on Friday, November 1st for children and adults alike.

Overall, the hard work the students and faculty members put into this holiday festivity was a success. The ability of giving the satisfying pleasure of fun and a good scream to those who visited the attraction, was undeniably worth all the time and effort put into this event.

Vincent Cataldo is a junior majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email