Dominic Fike Concert Review

Story posted January 16, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Emily McGlynn

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Dominic Fike performed for Penn State students Friday night in the HUB-Robeson Center. SPA, Student Programming Association, organized the free event.

SPA is a Penn State club that “exists to serve the student body by providing diverse activities, programming assistance, and resources, which enhance a student’s overall co-curricular experience” (SPA Website).

Recently, the student-run organization brought rapper Yung Gravy and actress/model Hunter Schafer to University Park. Tickets sell out quickly online and in-person for these events. SPA advertises its events heavily on its social media and HUB advertisements.

SPA sold Dominic Fike tickets at the HUB over the span of three days. Many people went to the concert and had a great time. SPA passed out glow sticks to wave in the air for students.

Dominic Fike walked out on stage with lots of screams and applause. He introduced his band and said that he wouldn’t be Dominic Fike without his bandmates. This was his first time coming to a college town for a gig. He kept telling the audience how cool it is that he was in State College.

His setlist was around an hour, performing several songs. He sang “Chicken Tenders,” “3 Nights,” and many other beloved songs. Most of the time, he would mess with his guitar and play sporadic riffs that entertained the audience.

He opened the show with his upbeat pop songs that are irresistible to not dance to. As the concert went on, the genre of his songs slowly became more alternative and soft.

In between songs, he conversed with the crowd. He tried joining the students several times. Dominic Fike is also a comedic performer. He was cracking jokes and asking where the after-party was. 

He was quick to leave the stage that left students upset, but that’s Dominic Fike for you. Many enjoyed his performance and it was a night that many people will not forget.

Emily McGlynn is a second-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email