“Entergalactic” TV Special Review

Story posted October 11, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Sophia D’Ovidio

This past Friday, Scott Mescudi (or Kid Cudi) released a TV special on Netflix entitled “Entergalactic,” an adult animation visual companion to his album released on the same day and of the same name.

The hour-and-a-half special is separated into different chapters.

These chapters focus on a love story between Jabari (voiced by Mescudi) and his new neighbor Meadow (voiced by Jessica Williams).

While the love story is relatively simple, the creative and detailed animation alongside a new Kid Cudi album as the soundtrack made “Entergalactic” a captivating watch.

The plot is well written with strong characters, even minor ones, that make viewers feel part of the world.

When the “Entergalactic” trailer dropped, there were immediate comparisons to the 2018 Academy Award-winning “Spider-man: Into The Spiderverse” due to similar animation styles.

The animation styles of these two projects are similar, but it's such an enticing style that it should be utilized more in animation.

The chaos and detail in each shot of “Entergalactic” don’t just help convey the setting of New York City (the exact location as “Spider-man: Into The Spiderverse) but the emotions and personality of every character on screen.

While it may seem insulting to call a plot simple, it serves “Entergalactic” as an experience well. Crazy plot twists and subversions of rom-com plots weren’t necessary because they wouldn’t have fit the goal of this special.

In most cinematic pursuits, the soundtrack serves to aid the plot; however, “Entergalactic” works the opposite way. The plot works as a way to tell the album's story, having Mescudi’s music being the focal point.

It is clear this project is personal to Kid Cudi. Of course, he’s voicing the main character and making the soundtrack for the special, but he’s also the creator of this project.

The cast is stacked with many celebrities, notable Mescudi’s good friend Timothee Chalamete as Jimmy and frequent collaborator Tyrone Griffin Jr (Ty Dolla Sign) as Ky.

Laura Harrier, Vaness Hudgens, Jaden Smith and Macaulay Culkin are other notable names cast alongside Mescudi and friends.

Mescudi also noted that “Entergalactic” would be a tribute to the late fashion designer and friend of Mescudi, Virgil Abloh, whose birthday the special was released on.

“Entergalactic” feels personal and that’s what is so engaging about it. Something is always going on in the background that keeps viewers' attention.

While, at times, the plot feels very similar to common rom-com tropes or even gets slow, “Entergalactic” has one of its more artistic features to pick up the story’s slack.

The story's simplicity works in showcasing the animation and music well. It also works in favor of Jabari’s coming-of-age tale, trying to figure out if there is room for love in his newly busy life.

It isn’t revolutionary and doesn’t draw any dramatics out of its viewers, but it’s a feel-good watch. The relatability of the plot made the characters easier to sympathize with and root for.

With the handmade aesthetics of the animation style and Kid Cudi’s familiar sound as a soundtrack, even casual fans will find this special comforting.

With only a 90-minute run time, “Entergalcitc” was a relaxing escape and managed to have a low-stakes but compelling story that is an immersive and entertaining watch.

Rating: 4/5

Sophia D’Ovidio is a second-year majoring in communications. To contact her, email sgd5184@psu.edu.