“Evil Eye” Review

Story posted October 20, 2020 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Jack Freiser

“Evil Eye” is the fourth film in the “Welcome to Blumhouse” series. This movie follows a daughter who is in a seemingly perfect relationship until her mother discovers the disturbing past connecting her and her daughter’s lover.

This movie was fine — there was nothing super special about it. It has a basic storyline that has been seen in many films and it adds nothing that interesting to this sub-genre of thriller.

Although there is nothing horrible about the movie, it is very lackluster and will be instantly forgotten once the audience finishes it.

The acting in this movie is decent. There are no performances worth writing about. The lead, Sunita Mani, does a good job with the material she is given but it is nothing remarkable.

Additionally, the writing of this movie is very subpar. It is very boring, and the writers didn’t explain the magic in this movie well enough. So much so that when the film starts to be more fantastical, it seems out of nowhere and unnecessary.

The editing in the movie can be very jarring. It can be nauseating at times and very jumpy during other scenes. It’s so jumpy that the audience might lose focus on where the protagonists are.

However, the movie has a very satisfying ending. Although there isn’t much action in this film, the first hour is all set-up.

The last twenty minutes are intriguing and have a decent pay off. The audience will finally gain some interest in this otherwise lackluster film.

Ultimately, “Evil Eye” leaves much to be desired. There is nothing super negative about this movie, however there is also nothing remarkable to write home about.

The movie is very boring and seems way longer than it actually is. The writers needed to take more time fleshing out their story and making sure everything is clear for the audience.

“Evil Eye” seemed like the first draft of a film. It also felt like one of those cliche Lifetime movies in which there is an innocent girl who falls in love with the wrong man and now must do something to stop it.

Truthfully, this movie is not worth anyone's time. There are way better thrillers and there are way better renditions of this overused plot.

Rating: 2/5


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