Fashion Column: Freezing and Fabulous, Color Your Life

Story posted February 10, 2014 in CommRadio by Jane Moreland

Over my four years here at Penn State, I've noticed one very consistent winter trend: black.  Black, black, and more black.  I get that the most convenient and functional winter color is usually this dull black, but that does not mean we all have to look like we are attending an eternal funeral until the temperature hits 50 degrees.  In this article, I'll fill you in on my ideas for not only brightening your physical appearance but also making you feel less dreary about the blasé wardrobe your accustomed to ever winter.

First of all, let's draw attention to our faces.  If you’re cloaked in black all season (like most of us are) no one is likely paying attention to your face.  Most likely, you're fading away into the black oblivion that is the masses on their way to class every day.  You need to draw attention away from your snow/salt-stained Uggs, and pull that focus up to your gorgeous face.  My first recommendation is to get a colorful hair accessory.  My favorite is a knit head wrap (the kind that go over your ears).  If you buy this in a primary color, you will certainly stand out.

For those with darker and richer complexions, (think Beyoncé) a yellow hat, knit headband, or accessory will bring you straight out of winter.  If you have naturally fair skin, I recommend buying a blue accessory.  At least for me (I have fair skin), going into the cold instantly makes my face red.  Wearing a red hat or accessory only accentuates this.  So here's a tip: go bolder than navy blue.  Cobalt or light blue is unexpected, and if you can find it, make the purchase.  Not only will you stand out, but your featured face will be remembered.  If you have a medium complexion, or go tanning, get a red knit headband or accessory.  The redness the cold creates won't be as drastic on your skin.  A bright red accessory will make others think of warmer times.  Don't be alarmed if frozen students suddenly stare at your hat attire…we are dreaming of sunnier times.

My next suggestion is to wear some colored pants with your winter-wear.  A bright pair of jeans with boots and your winter jacket is a perfect way to liven up your wardrobe, especially if you're not a hat girl (like me).  The same color designations apply as those from the hair accessory section above.  Basically, any time you have that kind of complexion discussed, those colors will always look great on you.  Fair skin often is more challenging, but I'll get into that once we can store away our feather down North Face jackets. 

My last suggestion, and hear me out on this one, is to get boot socks.  These can often be worn as leg warmers, or folded over your boots for an alternative look.  Boot socks come in a variety of colors, brands, textures, fabrics, etc.  If you can dream it, you can find a boot liner that applies to your style.  If you're wearing normal dark jeans, experiment with these!  Check out to view their collection if "budget" isn't in your vocabulary.  Similarly, has some awesome options!  One of their products is a sorority monogrammed boot sock, for any of our Greek readers out there.  An idea on a budget for this is to take an old sweater and cut the sleeves off.  Use it as a "leg sleeve", leaving the cut off end in your boot.  Voila!  You have a free set of gorgeous boot socks. 

            Until next week,


Jane Moreland is a senior majoring in telecommunications. To contact her, email