Fashion Column: Shoes for the Season

Story posted April 14, 2014 in CommRadio by Jane Moreland

This spring and summer when it comes to shoes, designers are launching sensual versions of the heel.  In this article, we'll discuss the overall themes of footwear this season, and where you can find affordable versions of your favorite trends. 

A lot of designers this season are showing shoes with a pointy toe.  A pointed toe is typically associated with a sexier look, simply because they elongate the leg.  I guarantee anywhere you shop this spring will have a pointed pair of heels. 

Want some extra flare?  Get a pointed shoe with a printed pattern or an embellishment on the toe. 

Another trend that is back in style is a shoe with no platform.  When a heel gets over about four and a half inches, it needs a platform under the shoe to reduce the height.

High-end designers are producing pumps without a platform that reach five inches in height.  Any higher than five inches could become very difficult for the wearer to stay upright.

A heel without a platform is considered the epitome of seduction in footwear because of how it makes the leg look.  If you're a stiletto professional, I recommend Zara's "Leather Stiletto Shoes".  They're $100, which can seem steep, but the quality is worth the price.  

Low-quality heels without platforms may not have enough support for your foot, and could lead to strains. 

Chunky-heeled shoes are another trend this season.

Designers like BCBG, Gucci, Miu Miu, Burberry and Fendi showcased the block-heel in their fashion shows.  Anyone can look good in a chunky heel!  Women with larger calves or ankles tend to prefer this look because the heel doesn't contrast with their leg width. 

Zara's "Two-Tone Crossover Wide Heel Sandal" is a colorful version of the trend, while the "Leather Wide Heel Sandal" is more standard. 

A personal favorite this spring/summer is the plastic detail shoe.  Fendi, Sophia Webster, and Christian Louboutin created pieces that channel the infamous 90's "jelly sandal". 

The modern version of “the jelly” has clear plastic paneling, colored plastic pieces and multi-colored straps. offers two great options if you're interested in this style.  Try the "Clear 2 Me Cap Toe Heel" and the "Clearly Prize Winning Roses Heels".  They are colorful and inexpensive. 

Another fun trend is something called the "lace-up heel".  Basically this is any shoe with laces that tie.  Roberto Cavalli and Christian Louboutin have made this trend come to the forefront of shelves this spring. 

GoJane's "Windowpane Gladiator Sandals" for $32 and "Python Dream Corset Heels" for $27 are great options.  Charlotte Russe's "Cut-Out Lace-Up Low Heel Sandal" is an inexpensive, low-heel version of the trend.

Finally, mules are back in style.  Mules, or slingbacks, are heels with no back closure.  Zara's "High Heel Slingback Shoe" and Aldo's "Acaren", both for $100, are beautiful, understated versions of this trend. 

Next week, I'll fill you in on what to wear to interviews to stand out and look professional. 

For now,

Jane Moreland is a senior majoring in Telecommunications. She can be reached at