Fashion Column: The Many Trends of Homecoming Weekend

Story posted October 16, 2013 in CommRadio by Dana Rothstein

This article sums up the fashion trends of the 2013 Penn State Homecoming Weekend. Each night projected a unique feel throughout the streets.

Friday night the streets were packed to the point people had to walk in the streets. As my friends and I strolled down Beaver Ave., I noticed that many girls and boys were not dressed for the weather.

The consistent look for girls was black miniskirts, heels, and crop tops. It was very rarely that I saw girls with jackets or cardigans during the cold night.

In addition, the guys were dressed to impress. It wasn’t an ordinary day in downtown for them. The usual was a t-shirt with basketball shorts, and sneakers. However, the guys were suited up in pastel dress-shirts, khakis, and crafted dark leather shoes. 

As many of you all may know, Saturday night was a victorious night for Happy Valley. After four rounds of overtime, the Penn State football team did what many thought was impossible; they won the game and beat Michigan. After the win, you could feel the Penn State pride flowing through the streets of every person walking by.

The fashion patterns did change to a degree; casual dressing. I still observed Friday’s trends but the casual look out-shined them all. Both girls and guys were showing some Penn State pride. Whether it was stickers on their faces, whiteout hoodies, whiteout shirts or Penn State snow hats, people of Penn State were showing their pride and school spirit.

Soon after the Homecoming Weekend came to an end, I noticed that those two patterns had dwindled away. It now has come back to the usual jeans, tee and sneakers look. 

Either way, the parade of fashion trends this weekend was quite a sight to see. I can’t wait to witness the spectacles for my senior year and write my observations down one last time.

Dana Rothstein is a junior majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email