Fashion Column: The “Punk and Girly” Style

Story posted October 16, 2013 in CommRadio by Dana Rothstein

Along with writing this weekly fashion column, I also co-host NittanyGirlNews every Friday night from 6:30-7pm. I met Kimberly Unger, freshman, and we bonded like sisters instantly. When I noticed her punk and girly style, I instantly saw Kimberly as a trendsetter. What stood out the most about her style were the pink streaks in her hair and the colorful thread woven bracelets draped on her wrists. Kimberly took a few moments to answer a few questions about her extraordinary and amazing style.

Who are your style icons?

“Nicole Richie has the greatest sense of Boho fashion. Style comes effortlessly to her and she could make a garbage bag look stylish. The flowy loose fitting clothes and head bands she always wears reminds me that I don’t have to dress provocatively. Demi Lovato rocks the punk look. Combat boots are never out of season and colored-hair is awesome. She supports her favorite bands tees as do I. We share a love for all things black, skulls and ever changing hair color.”

Describe your ultimate Penn State football game outfit.

“Everyone loves a PSU football game. I prefer the cooler games because I love to wear a hoodie repping my school, classic leggings with knee high PSU socks that peep right out of my fall boots. In the even cooler weather, I love to rock a nice hat and scarf. It’s all about keeping it feminine, but sporty.”

What is your favorite fall trend?

“SWEATER WEATHER!!! I love fall because I know I get to wear a colorful sweater with neutral pants and a killer pair of boots almost every day. Also, scarves. What is also great about fall is that you can still sneak a little bit of summer in there. My absolute favorite outfit in my closet for a night out in the fall is my simple black dress, with my denim shirt, a black and gold infinity scarf, paired with gray over-the-knee socks, and my gorgeous Steve Madden combat boots. To top off the look, my Nicole Richie inspired head band. Perfect fall outfit, stylish yet I don’t have to freeze my butt off in order to look good; and I don’t look like a grandma. However, the perfect fall day look is hands downs a librarian grandma sweater, dark wash jeans and caramel riding boots. The bigger the sweater, the happier I am.”

How does your everyday makeup look like?

“I am not a huge fan of ‘caked-on makeup’; I love to keep it simple and natural. Neutral tones of eye shadow are always a must, with the occasional hint of a light smokey eye for big nights out. I am a firm believer in the red lip to spice up any outfit, but always remember to either have a smokey eye, or red lip- never both. Garnier BB Cream gives my skin the airbrushed look that all women want, and on top of that a light coat of bronzer to make my ghostly appearance a little more bearable.”

What are three tips that you can offer about wearing any outfit?

“Confidence is key to any outfit. A girl could be wearing the most couture gown from Chanel but if she doesn’t exert confidence, the gown is blah. In order to be confident, you must own your outfit. Walk with pride. Even if those six inch stilettos are killing your feet, walk as though you’re walking the runway at fashion week. Next, smile. I could be wearing sweat pants and a boy’s hoodie, but as long as I am flashing a killer smile I know that I look awesome. Finally, be comfortable. By comfortable I don’t mean tennis shoes instead of heels, rather I mean don’t wear a crop top and booty shorts if you look in the mirror and don’t think you look good. If you don’t like the way you look, no one else will either. Wear something you WANT to show off, not something you think will get attention. Remember ladies, there is good attention and then there is bad attention. “

Dana Rothstein is a junior majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email