Flume – “Hi This Is Flume” Mixtape Review

posted March 28, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment, CommRadio by Rachel Miloscia

Flume is back with his mixtape “Hi This Is Flume” released this past week. Flume has reappeared into the electronic scene after his 2017 album “Skin” and has become more aggressive, energetic and uses a wide variety of sounds throughout his 17 tracks. This 30-minute mixtape gives listeners just enough to see what new sounds Flume has played around with over his time away.

Flume has evolved since his 2012 self-titled album. Hits on that album like “Sleepless” and “Warm Thoughts” introduced electronic lovers new sounds that hit you emotionally and gave you the right amount of head bangs. Only this time, it is not just certain songs that makes this mixtape enjoyable, it is every song played that makes it awesome.

This mixtape includes artists such as HWLS, slowthai, SOPHIE, Eprom, JPEGMAFIA and KUCKA. The first song is “Hi This Is Flume.” This 28-second song is Flume introducing himself, his mixtape and the visuals he created for it. Halfway through the intro, a bunch of recorded intros of Flume starts to include with each other. The transition into the next song starts just in time, as low harp strings and buzzer sounds start to play rapidly in the background. You would never think the next song is playing, but the beats transition perfectly into the second song “Ecdysis."

It is not until “High Beams," the third song on the album, plays where Flume goes off. With HWLS and slowthai on the track, Flume creates the ultimate headbanging beat with his use of hard, screeching trumpet sounds that tie in with the harp beats.

“Amber," second to the last song on the mixtape, is another aggressive song that has more high-pitched strobe and horn like sounds. These sounds may be aggressive, but they provide that type of sound that will get you lost into and electronic coma. From beginning to end, Flume creates these weird like sounds that create trap rap and electronic music.

Flume has created an amazing mixtape tape that is more for listeners who want to rage hard. He creates different electronic sounds that sound like sharp blades running through you ears with hard drums and alarm like beats. Each song transitions perfectly that still set the aggressive tone Flume tries to put out, but is able to add more softer tones that bring out the more calm side of his beats.

For this mixtape, it is hard to tell when each song starts and ends, literally. He is able to add different beats towards the end of each song that would have you thinking a new song might be starting. Flume has always been a great artist, including his remixes of musicians such as Disclosure, Ta-Ku and Lorde. This is mixtape is nowhere near mainstream but is definitely going to blow up as more people get the chance to listen.

Rating: 7/10

Reviewers Best Track: “High Beams”

Reviewers Worst Track: “Dreamtime”



Rachel Miloscia is a junior majoring in Telecommunications. To contact her, email miloscia34@gmail.com.