Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Episode 4 Review

Story posted April 20, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Savannah Swartz

This episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” might finally be the turning point for this season. The plot is finally starting to pick up and get quite a bit more interesting.

Meredith was sick this week and spent the episode at home with her daughter. It was made clear that they enjoyed the time together even though they were ill.

Meredith ended this time by hitting Zola with the bombshell that she has been offered a job in Minnesota. Her daughter seemed very open to it, but it is still yet to be seen how this will be resolved.

The hospital is still very short staffed after having multiple surgeons leave this season and with Meredith sick and Owen still not cleared from the accident.

Maggie and Winston had a big case coming in from across the country. They were successful in the surgery, but it brought up some family trauma for Winston, especially because his brother Windell was visiting. By the end of the episode, though, they began resolving the conflict.

Aside from that, Miranda was stressed the whole episode trying to clear out the ER and schedule surgeries. She ended up letting Owen take over her administrative work for the day so she could operate.

This was very iconic of her because it is hard to say whether Miranda has been in the ER at all this season, but it was good to see her back there.

Unfortunately, this was a bad time to have this split of power because a woman from the Medical Accreditation Association, talked to Owen about how the hospital’s residency program was failing and was in jeopardy of being shut down.

This was very surprising news for fans, as the whole premise of the show is that Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is a teaching hospital, and every character on the show learned how to be a surgeon there.

Honestly, this was the most surprising thing that occurred all season. Many of the other plot lines that have occurred this season have had predictable outcomes, while it is hard to say what will come of the residency program.

It is easy to want this program to continue, however it has been very evident this season that the younger generation is no longer a priority, as there is no connection between these surgeons and the audience.

If this part of the show stops being poured into, it will be hard to see how the show would continue. Unless Meredith takes the job offer in Minnesota and the show completely changes direction.

That could possibly make sense because Richard is still waiting for his competence tests to see if he can still operate. If he can’t, it is imaginable that he would no longer be on the show, and then the only original characters left would be Miranda and Meredith.

On a much lighter note, Jo and her patient’s brother are still getting along just fine. They ended the last episode going on a date together and were very flirty during most of this episode.

This new relationship is looking very hopeful for Jo, especially because Linc was not featured at all this week.

Overall, this was the first episode in a while to be completely engaging and have no boring points.

Hopefully there will be answers in next week’s episode, and plot for characters that were not featured this week.

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