Hartford University Professor Linda Weintraub Discusses Visual Art with PSU Students

Story posted March 24, 2021 in CommRadio, News by James Morrison

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Hartford University professor Linda Weintraub spoke to Penn State students on Monday as a part of the John M. Anderson endowed lecture series to discuss visual art.

Weintraub started her lecture by engaging with the students by having them place an ice cube in a spot where its lifespan would be maximized. She then got into her lecture on the differences between “I” and “eye.”

She asked the students why “I” was the only capital letter in the English language.

“‘I’ is the only pronoun in the English language that is honored with capitalization,” Weintraub said.

She then went on to talk about how the word “I” stresses individualism and centrality.

Weintraub also touched on what “eye” means, stating that the “eye” is something that we can control what it sees.

“We can choose when to look, what to look at, and if to look at all,” Weintraub said in relation to how we use our eyes.

She then tied both concepts together by saying that only you can decide how you use your eyes and how you choose what to see.

This was related to art as to how the students were able to see art. Weintraub discussed how the self-centeredness of “I” was able to make individualistic art and how people are able to see that using their eyes.

Weintraub also said that seeing is believing in reference to being able to see with your eyes but then said that the phrase is only considered gut knowledge and you can never be sure about what you see.

Finally, she wrapped up her presentation by seeing how many student’s ice cubes had melted, and roughly 50% had.


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