Charlotte OC - “Here Comes Trouble” Album Review

Story posted October 25, 2021 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Jack Freiser

“Here Comes Trouble” is the sophomore album from the British indie-pop artist Charlotte OC. This is an incredible sophomore album that is filled with a diverse group of songs with one similarity, beautiful vocals.

Charlotte OC is very vulnerable in this album, which gives the audience a chance to resonate with the artist.

This vulnerability is showcased in the first song “Bad B**ch” an incredible song in which Charlotte talks about being insecure in her skin.

Charlotte may say this, yet she sounds very confident in this upbeat track that is a perfect album starter.

The instrumentation on this album is spectacular. The guitars and drums showcased throughout are filled with grooves that are complemented by Charlotte’s insanely passionate vocals.

The guitars sound very raw on this LP which adds a unique element for the audience, a perfect example of this is in “Forest”.

The instrumentation and vocals are very raw and filled with a sense of wonder. The harmonies in this song are also very memorable, especially on the bridge.

A clear highlight of the album is track number 4 titled “Bad News”. This is the most upbeat song on the LP and it is filled with sass and contains a wonderful groove.

Charlotte OC’s vocals are incredible on every single track, but her lighter vocals on the chorus are a welcomed change to the more booming vocals showcased throughout the album.

Charlotte OC has a gift of creating insanely catchy choruses that are very easy to sing along to.

This is evident on tracks like “Centre of the Universe” and “Mexico” which both feature clever lyrics and feature very atmospheric instrumentals.

The worst song on this album is “Working On It” and while it is far from a bad song, it is very mediocre compared to the caliber of the other tracks.

The instrumentation sounds messy and Charlotte’s vocals do not sound as polished as they usually do, which makes the song a bit jarring.

This is not a poorly written song, but there is nothing special or memorable enough for the song to warrant a repeat.

This song is immediately followed by one of the best songs on this LP titled “Blue Boy” this is a more calm and mellow track that features some incredible lyricism and even better vocals. This song is quite haunting with the laid-back chorus.

The piano sounds beautiful on this track and the synths added to the chorus are a welcomed treat to add a bit more energy to the song.

Charlotte’s vocals on the final chorus are outstanding and quite possibly the best vocals on the album. This is an incredible song that is a clear standout on the album.

The final standout track is the album closer titled “Inevitable”. This is a heartbreaking song that shows just how vulnerable Charlotte OC can be.

This song is about love and loss and is dedicated to her father who passed away just before the release of this track. It is an incredibly sad song, yet it features elements of hope.

It is a brilliant way to close this album and an incredible song that all audiences will relate to.

Overall, “Here Comes Trouble” is a fantastic album that showcases how talented of a vocalist Charlotte OC is.

Her range is spectacular and her harmonies are angelic. Every song is enjoyable and has great elements, though every song is not perfect.

At times this album may sound a bit repetitive, but the range in tracks showcased on this album is quite incredible.

This is a stellar sophomore album that deserves as much recognition as possible.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “Blue Boy” “Inevitable” “Bad News” and “Bad B**ch”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song: “Working On It”

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