HUB Movie Review: Pacific Rim

Story posted October 11, 2013 in CommRadio by Sofia Westin

Another weekend, another movie. And as it gets colder, it might be nicer to snuggle up in a movie theater to watch a movie than be outside. Just sayin’ peeps.

This weekend the HUB will show Pacific Rim.

“Before time began, there was the cube.”

Oh wait, that’s Transformers. It’s easy to make the mistake—they’re both giant robots. But now that I think about it, the cube is kind of like the Tesseract from the Avengers…hmm, food for thought.

So Pacific Rim is set in the future, where these huge monsters start rising from the sea and attack everybody. Basically, imagine Godzilla, but more of her…him…it? They are called the Kaiju, which in Japanese means “monster.” Why did they say Godzilla and not Kaiju then? Anyways, these creatures have killed millions of people, destroyed many monuments (the Golden Gate Bridge, obviously), and consumed humanity’s resources for years and years. Lovely.

Yet, the humans prevail by building these huge robots, called Jaegers (hunter in German), which are bound to two pilots, whose brains are connected to the robot. And because the current, trained pilots apparently suck, the army turns to a washed-up ex-pilot to save mankind. This guy, Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunman) is paired with an untested trainee, Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi). To make the whole story cheesier, these two pilots use a legen—wait for it—dary obsolete Jaeger from the past.

Rim did quite well for itself during the summer. It did not get too much pain, gaining a 7.4 audience rating on IMDb, and considered 72% fresh from RottenTomatoes critics. Based on that, Pacific may be one movie you don’t want to miss.

So if it’s called Pacific Rim, does that mean that the Atlantic is safe territory? Europe, Africa, East America, East South America and all other countries not directly connected to the Pacific? If that is the case, and if this happens in my lifetime, then I’m moving to central Siberia.

Expect lots of action, fighting, drama, and especially humor.

On the Penn State Scale…

1—when Penn State loses a game,

2—an 8 a.m class (which are awful),

3—a canceled 8 a.m class,

4— free textbooks,

and 5—free Creamery ice cream for a year,

...This movie is a solid 4, making it a quality movie. (What defines “quality” you ask? It means…come on, it’s late night, nobody cares about definitions.)

Oh, and stick around after the main credits!

Sofia Westin is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email