HUB Movie Review: Red 2

Story posted October 24, 2013 in CommRadio by Sofia Westin

The good-old oldies are back. Yes they are old, and once again, forced out of, “retirement” to save the world from impending doom.

Bruce Willis returns as Frank Moses, the former black ops CIA agent who lives a much happier life now that he has Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) know, after she was taken against her will, bound and gagged by Frank in the first movie. Therefore, you can probably guess how merry they are now.

Well, John Malkovich returns too, as Marvin Boggs, the conspiracy theory enthusiast, telling Frank people are still after them. Willis, being Willis, is very cool and brushes it off. But then stuff gets real, very quickly.

Frank and Marvin are hunted because they are accused of taking part in an op called ‘Nightshade’ during the Cold War, and this op included smuggling a nuclear bomb into Russia, piece by piece, and then reassembling it. It is still there. So Sarah, Frank and Marvin have to get out of their granny-panties and save Russia (quite the paradox, if you think about it) from this bomb. They first need to find the brilliant physicist who created it, now in an insane asylum. He (of course it’s a guy...sexists) played but none other than Hannib—uh, I mean Anthony Hopkins. They get his help to recover and disassemble it.

Everybody always wants to kill Willis.

Just by seeing the trailer, I laugh. How these actors are being so old and funny just warms my young heart. But maybe they actually should retire...Anyways, I find Willis to be showing more emotion in this movie than all his other movies combined. It may shock you. Even worth seeing?

Mrs. Zorro1 and Remus Lupin2 join the cast, while God3 is out of this one.

This movie is as good, or as bad, depending on how you see it, as the first one, racking out a 7.0 rating on IMDb, though certified rotten on RottenTomatoes.

On the Penn State Scale...
1—when Penn State loses a game,
2—an 8 a.m class (which are awful),
3—a canceled 8 a.m class,
4— free textbooks,

Meanwhile, you have the Queen actress, Helen Mirren, or Victoria (also RED), after them, after she is contracted to kill them by MI-6. Another assassin, the best (he’s male, too) in the world, is after them as well (played by Byung-hun Lee).

This movie is a good 3.7. Sure, not the best but you can appreciate that they are trying. And maybe you can think of your own grandparents doing these things—it may put a smile on your face.

1-Catherine Zeta-Jones

2-David Thewlis

3-Morgan Freeman

Sofia Westin is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email