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Story posted January 27, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Staff

With great shows and movies come great wardrobes! In this listicle, the Arts and Entertainment Department takes a look at some of the more iconic and eye-catching outfits worn on screen.

Rachel Green - “Friends”

There may not be a character who embodies an “it-girl” more than Rachel Green.

The most notable character from one of the most famous TV series ever, Rachel Green, was a style icon in the 90s and remains one today.

Green, such a style icon as “The-Rachel,” became a popular hairstyle based on Jennifer Anniston’s haircut while playing the sitcom character.

In “Friends,” Anniston plays a character who turned her love for shopping into a successful fashion career.

Whether she was working in the coffee shop, playing football, or going out on a date, Rachel Green consistently wore outfits that would make anyone jealous of her closet in that New York apartment.

“Friends” is one of the most famous series of all time, and it would not be the same without the iconic wardrobe of Rachel Green. – Sophia D’Ovidio

Cher Horowitz - “Clueless”

The movie “Clueless” brought the world a computerized closet to emphasize just how many clothes Cher has.

Cher Horowitz brings some of the most iconic outfits ever to be featured in a film throughout the movie.

Cher Horowitz remains a style icon, whether it’s her Calvin Klein dress, the seemingly endless supply of miniskirts, or her platform shoes.

Her most notable outfit comes early in the film with a yellow plaid suit paired with a matching mini-skirt. Even people who have never seen “Clueless” would be able to recognize this outfit.

The plaid yellow suit and skirt is a pop-culture icon on its own and one of the best and most popular Halloween costumes year after year.

Horowitz’s entire wardrobe is featured in Iggy Azalea’s music video for her hit “Fancy,” which came out 19 years after the hit film.

Anyone who has seen “Clueless” knows to be envious of Cher Horowitz’s never-ending iconic and timeless wardrobe. – Sophia D’Ovidio

Fran - “The Nanny”

“She’s the lady in red while everybody else is wearing tan.” Ms. Fran Fine from “The Nanny” is an absolute 90s fashion icon.

While not from these times, Fran is a true representative of a woman who simply likes to look good all day every day. There was not a single episode where Fran looked anything less than perfect and she always had a new outfit on display despite her supposed financial problems.

Within episodes, Fran would switch outfits at the drop of a hat and always included bold colors, animal patterns and exceptional combos.

The way she carried herself and her outstanding and “flashy” outfits were on par with true Haute fashion.

One of her best episodes to display her taste in clothes would be her second outfit change on season one episode 21 “Frannie’s Choice” which included a Black off-the-shoulder plaid patterned dress with white and red accents paired with an adorably large hat, red gloves and a red purse.

The only person on the show who could hold a candle to a Fran Fine outfit on the was C.C Babcock still the is undoubtedly a reason that Fine is Fran’s last name. - Erell Williams

Elektra - “Pose”

Ballroom culture is a beautiful place to show grace and fashion through both physical movements and costumes. On “Pose” Mother Elektra is one of the best players in the game and is the embodiment of high fashion.

Set in the 70s, there are many points within the show to exhibit Elektra’s die-hard fashion moments, but the best one to showcase this is easily season one episode one where the “Pose” cast robs a museum to wear the stolen articles at the ball. They arrive to save the night dressed like royals in jewels and crowns.

Almost every Elektra outfit is memorable, always bold or embellished and never plain, even when she is in her nightgown.

Elektra’s wardrobe throughout the season truly represents what drag and ballroom culture are all about which is a genuine feeling of self-expression. When she isn’t on the actual stage, Elektra seizes every opportunity to show what she’s about and, including her outfits, she never misses a beat.

Elektra makes the world her fashion show house-down boots. - Erell Williams

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Erell Williams is a first-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email exw5303@psu.edu.

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