Jon Pardi - “Heartache Medication” Album Review

Story posted October 1, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment, CommRadio by William Roche

Jon Pardi is one of the many artists to come out in this new generation of country music. For his third album “Heartache Medication,” and his first new album since 2016, he plays the same notes and sings lyrics that are the supposed stereotype of country. Cowboy boots, woman, trucks, and dancing—all hidden behind twangy guitars and catchy hooks. Jon Pardi is still out there producing radio hits that the listener can’t seem to get enough of.

Starting off with “Old Hat,” he sings about old traditions and how they should not go out of fashion, yet they do. He transitions right into the title track “Heartache Medication.” A song about drinking to forget a girl. Now a staple in country music, the instrumentation is catchy and fun, but the lyrics lack originality. They are based off every other country “hit” that is played.

It isn’t until “Me and Jack” that Pardi changes it up a bit. With the running time just under five minutes, the twangy guitars and long solo sections for the band to rock out, it provides a pleasant change from the rest of the album. With the lyrics referencing Johnny Cash, it shows Pardi’s influences and his insight to take 1950s country music and bring it into 2019. “Me and Jack” is uplifting and fun, with high expectations for other songs to be similar. That is until the very next song.

“Don’t Blame It on The Whiskey,” with a soothing feature from Lauren Alaina, brings the tempo down a few notches. The song puts the listener into the mindset of whiskey and getting over a past romance. With the lyrics being similar, the only thing that makes the song unique and pleasant is the feature from Alaina whose voice is pleasant and brings down Pardi’s twang a few frets.

Some highlights throughout the album are “Tequila Little Time,” “Buy That Man a Beer,” and “Starlight.” Each song is different starting with “Tequila Little Time.” The listener loves a good play on words. That is seen with a previous country hit “Alcohol You Later” by Mitchell Tenpenny. It brings all the essence of a good radio hit that fans will hear for months to come.

“Buy That Man a Beer” gives Pardi time to acknowledge the people he cares about: the military, friends, and family.  And “Starlight” is a perfect way to cap the album. Upbeat and jumpy, he sings about living his dream of playing country music.

With a few highlights here and there, “Heartache Medication” is repetitive of his past albums and some other country artists of this generation. However, being his third album, he will produce radio hits for months to come that will keep the listener coming back each time Pardi releases an album. 

Reviewer’s Favorite Track: “Me and Jack”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Track: “Old Hat"

Reviewer’s Rating: 6/10


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