Rank It: “Let’s Start Here” - Lil Yachty

Opinion posted February 15, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Demarco Rush

14.) “:)failure):”

This isn’t really a song, more of Yachty speaking to his fans. The guitars that play are really therapeutic though.

13.) “paint THE sky”

The song you probably don’t add to your playlist even though it's not terrible.


This song is all over the place, there really isn’t a way to describe it. It’s the type of song that would be in a Jordan Peele thriller movie.

11.) “The Alchemist”

Forgettable on an album of memorable tracks but let it play, it’s a chill track.

10.) “pRETTY”

The vocals in this song are pretty good but it’s kind of repetitive.

9.) “Should i B”

The breakup song of the album. Be prepared to hear this on the radio and in every retail store in the mall at some point.


The first minute or so you’ll be confused by the track, then you’ll hear the guitars and everything will be alright. The riffs are pretty nice too.

7.) “We Saw the Sun”

This sounds like what the surfers from the 70s listened to on the way to the beach.

6.) “The BLACK Seminole.”

If you close your eyes while listening, it feels like you’re being taken on a once-in-a-lifetime psychedelic rock experience.

5.) “Say Something”

This song will hit differently if you’re in love, but not in a relationship.

4.) “The ride”

This song with surround sound is crazy, to say the least. The instruments in this one are perfectly put together

3.) “drive ME crazy!”

You literally won’t be able to sit still with this song. Either your head will be nodding, or your foot is going to tap

2.) “The zone”

This song is the one that plays during the montage of your first Las Vegas trip.

1.) “running out of time”

This song will get the party moving no matter who you’re with.

Demarco Rush is a third-year majoring in communications. To contact him, email dar5802@psu.edu.