Lil Uzi Vert - Luv Is Rage 2 (Deluxe) Album Review

Story posted November 22, 2017 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Sam McQuillan

The wonders of modern technology have altered the way we consume music. Kanye West infamously released a statement saying he wasn’t done tweaking his highly anticipated album The Life of Pablo after it had been already released to the public. His decision drew a large array of feedback from the hip hop community, some praising the album’s post-release changes and tweaks, while others criticized the unorthodox move.

Nearly 3 months after his long-delayed Luv Is Rage 2, which already placed No. 1 on Billboard’s 200 albums just days after its release, Lil Uzi Vert is still not done with his latest project.

On Nov. 17, the self-proclaimed rock star added four new tracks to his album, rereleasing it on streaming sites as the deluxe version. New songs “Skir Skirr,” “Loaded,” “Diamonds All On My Wrist” and “20 Min” provide fans with simply more Uzi.

While lacking diverse subject matter, the four new tracks still add to the project, as they showcase Uzi’s ever-growing palette of sound and ability to blend pop with new age rap.

“Skir Skirr”

Riding the wave of an erratic D. Rich beat, Uzi hits on everyone of his favorite subjects on “Skir Skirr” from shining diamonds to bad b****es “wetter than starburst.” Uzi’s made a habit of experimenting on, shall we say “different,” kinds of instrumentals. Surfing a crescendo of shuffling high-pitched synthesizers, Uzi simply has fun jumping around his first post-release addition to Luv Is Rage 2. Uzi doesn’t really deviate from his base musical style here, as he more brainstorms than raps anything that goes along with the modern onomatopoeia the song’s title has become. “Skir Skirr” adds to Luv Is Rage 2 simply in the sense that here Uzi is giving you more Uzi: clichéd rap phrases and simple subject matter, freestyled over otherworldly sounds.


Luv Is Rage 2’s newly added track 18 rivals at least a few of the album’s original songs and fits effortlessly with its feel. On “Loaded,” Uzi raves of his love for money and icy jewelry. Despite similar subject matter, “Loaded” stands out from Luv Is Rage 2’s other new additions. Uzi combines his energetic flow with what worked well for him on the rest of the project: emotional singing and lots and lots of reverb. S1, DJ Don Cannon and TM88 collaborate to provide a beat good enough to belong on the album’s original version.

“Diamonds All on My Wrist”

No doubt one of the darker sounding songs on the album, Uzi taps into his early trap roots on “Diamonds All on My Wrist.” He unapologetically brags about his lifestyle and quick rise to fame over a gloomy Bobby Kritical instrumental. Uzi pokes fun at his delayed release of his long-awaited sequel to Luv Is Rage. The Philadelphia rapper first started teasing his follow-up project in December of last year and continued to mention the project without any mention of a release date for nearly 6 months. On “Diamonds All on My Wrist” Uzi raps, “Made an album in a month/ I did that s*** off drugs.” The song’s subject matter is all gloating as Uzi boasts on about his endless racks and jumping off jets. He changes up his style completely from the sing-songy hook of “Loaded” to a cocky trap flow on this drugged out beat.

“20 Min”

Similar to “Loaded,” the last of Uzi’s 4 new tracks pairs well with the sound of the original base 16 songs on the album. On track 20, Uzi once again goes back to the playful swagger of Luv Is Rage 2. He leaves listeners with a relatable, mellow story. On “20 Min” he’s enjoying himself, but keeps warning his current indulgence that there’s, “only 20 more minutes until I’m on.” The song helps convey the albums main theme even more; Uzi’s having so much fun enjoying the fruits of his labor, rockstaring it up, but he’s got things he must take care of.  Here he delves back into his pop style, adlibbing copious “yeaaaahhhhs” over stock lines like, “living life on the edge on a tight rope, I am so clean I might star moving soap.” Uzi’s at his best on Luv Is Rage 2 when blending his rap roots with pop and “20 Min” highlights his ability to make the two styles work.

Uzi, in collaboration with Urban Outfitters, will release a cassette version of Luv Is Rage 2 (Deluxe) just before Christmas. The tape, which drops Dec. 8, will include all four brand new songs.


Sam McQuillan is a junior majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email