Masego - Lady, Lady Review

Story posted September 16, 2018 in Arts & Entertainment, CommRadio by Rachel Miloscia

Micah Davis, stage name Masego, recently debuted his third studio album “Lady, Lady.” From his last album “The Pink Polo” back in 2016, Masego has changed the way of traditional contemporary R&B. He incorporates a mashup of hip hop R&B and jazz, creating what he refers to as “TrapHouseJazz.” It includes his infamous saxophone, piano, beats and vocals. Featured artists include SiR, FKJ Kehlani and more. One can hear of Masego’s new style in his thirteen songs that have vocal and instrumental pieces. As you listen through, you will go on a musical ride with Masego. He takes you along his vision of women and how they have inspired him to write “Lady, Lady.

The Virginia native gives his listeners a look on how much he has changed over time through his music career. Masego’s idea for his latest album was based off his inspiration for women. “Lady, Lady” gives an all access to Masego’s world as he talks about his love for women and how they became influential in his everyday life. In his own words, “I see it as my own personal journey and what shaped my path.” Two women that have become influential in his life are his mother and substitute teacher. Being that his parents are both pastors, they were able to give Masego a first look on music through church. Artists such as Kanye West and Outkast have also had an impact on Masego’s music from their way of incorporating Gospel Music into Hip-Hop and R&B. Masego’s notorious saxophone was all thanks to his substitute teacher. He explains how she had walked into class with a picture of saxophonist Najee on her binder, and tried to woe her by learning how to play. He was so motivated on learning how to play that he would go to swimming lessons in order to strengthen his lungs. Little did he know that it would be a signature mark to his musical career.

In Masego’s previous albums, “Loose Thoughts” and “The Pink Polo EP”, we hear more of his R&B and Jazz with a flavor of house sound. As for “TrapHouseJazz”, listeners will hear a more in-depth version with a fusion of different instrumentals that includes his infamous saxophone, along with his own trap beat twist. He gives listeners a new vibe, especially through instrumentals. He opens his album with song “Silk…," that starts off as a piano solo, followed by violins. The beautiful symphony fades into an interlude, that introduces his “TrapHouseJazz” in “I Had A Vision.” It was his own way of teasing us with his old sound, and welcoming us into his new sound. What makes these songs compelling and alluring is not only the lyrics, but how he was able to create different varieties of sound that make him stand out from other artists trying to make a name.

Masego is one of the many artists that represent the DMV. Other artists include GoldLink, who released his third album “At What Cost,” in 2017. Masego even features on GoldLink's album “And After That, We Didn’t Talk,” in “Late Night.” As artists to collaborate with, Masego and Anderson Paak would make the ultimate duo. With Masego’s saxophone, Anderson Paak’s drums, and both conjoined vocals and beats, the two would create a true Trap and R&B flow.

This was great album musically and lyrically. This album was a great transition into the type of new sound Masego tried to incorporate. With his personal intake on women, we see how much power they have had in his life. Weather his inspiration be from women that came through in his life, Masego shows his love and appreciation for all women by their character and elegance. It definitely shows what a great artist he is, and what he has instore for his upcoming tour that started September 14 in Europe and all across North America.

Rating: 7/10



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