My Fav Five: Big Time Rush songs

Opinion posted February 27, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Savannah Swartz

Big Time Rush announced that they are going back on tour and will be releasing a new album this year. Subsequently, my Spotify Wrapped is most definitely going to be monopolized by BTR.

Of course, I watched the show when I was younger, but I also saw them on tour last summer and at the ripe age of 19 my life was changed forever.

“Any Kind of Guy”

This song is off their debut album and is featured in one of the first episodes of the show making it very nostalgic. 

I do not necessarily support the moral of this song that people should change themselves for others, however, I appreciate that they are willing to put in the effort to make something work.

Overall it is a catchy song with a great music video. Anytime they wear matching suits it is a sign that the song is a banger.


The first time I felt emotional turmoil was watching the episode where Jo leaves Kendall, and the boys serenade her in the airport. I have a distinct memory of watching that episode for the first time and having my world rocked.

This song really inspires the masses that there is hope for long-distance relationships.

“Count on you” (feat. Jordin Sparks)

This song, also off the debut album, features Jordin Sparks, and there is more sexual tension between her and James Maslow in this song than probably all of “50 Shades of Grey”.

The lyrics of this song are so catchy it is constantly stuck in my head.

Sparks really showed up and showed off in the one episode she guest-starred in.

“No Idea”

This song captures the epitome of feeling invisible to someone you like. It allows you to feel about not being seen.

Again, they hit an absolute home run with this song. While it is not one of their more popular songs it is featured in the show and is accompanied by a great music video.

By that I mean they, again, are wearing matching suits.

“Confetti Falling”

This song is off their last album “24/7”, and is a feel-good song.

It is about falling in love and how that can, of course, feel like confetti falling. The lyrics to this song are simple, but that is what makes it have good vibes and be easy to listen to.

In my personal opinion, all of Big Time Rush’s songs are great but these five are the ones that stand out.

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