News Report: Sexual Assault Documentary

Audio/Story posted March 12, 2013 in CommRadio by John Lewis

     Penn State junior Stephanie Wain’s most recent documentary, Unreported, discusses the horrific truth about sexual assault. In her film, she outlines the extent to which sexual crimes are committed on college campuses across the country and what she believes could be done to help victims.
    “Basically, it interviews two victim survivors who experienced sexual assault on college campuses,” said Wain over the phone. She added, “…and then it talks about why it’s difficult to report this crime and why society makes it difficult.”
     Wain’s primary suggestion for Penn State to combat sexual crimes is to make Women’s Studies 001 a requirement for the entire student body. Currently, it is only required of students in the College of Liberal Arts and those interested in social sciences. Wain says the class discusses more than just sexual crimes and what is taught in the class could be impactful long beyond the students’ years at Penn State.