News Story: Plastic Musik Performs

Audio/Story posted March 26, 2013 in CommRadio by Megan Lasko

The Las Vegas-based music group Plastic Musik performed on Tuesday, March 19 on the ground floor of Penn State’s Hub-Robeson Center. The group of five percussionists, one keyboardist, and a DJ drew a large, fascinated crowd as their classical beats produced by nothing but plastic tubes and laundry tubs sounded throughout the Hub. How is such a revolutionary idea  formed?

"The tubes that we use are called Boomwhackers, and the whole idea spawned from that," explains Andy Burnette, one of the groups' five percussionists.

When asked about how they create such complex melodies while using such limited resources, Andy further explained, “The way it works is, you got ten fingers on the piano and we got ten hands, so we just divide up melodies.”

Plastic Musik’s Hub-Robeson Center performance was sponsored by Penn State’s Student Programming Association. You can learn more about the group by logging onto, or searching their performances on YouTube!