NFL MVP Watch: Week 4

Story posted October 4, 2022 in CommRadio, Sports by Shivoy Nagpaul

After four weeks of play, the MVP race is in full swing, with multiple names, both fresh and familiar, making their case for why they should be crowned the NFL’s most valuable player.

Could Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes have a second MVP year?  Or can someone new, such as Jalen Hurts or Josh Allen, take home the trophy?

Lamar Jackson

Team record: 2-2

Stats through Week 4: 893 passing yards, 11 passing touchdowns, four interceptions, two rushing touchdowns, 316 rushing yards

Ladies and gentlemen, in 2019, Lamar Jackson made his triumphant return, and with the performances, he has displayed so far, he is on track to win MVP once again.

Although Jackson did have an off game against the Buffalo Bills last week, he currently leads the NFL in rushing yards amongst quarterbacks and is tied for the most passing touchdowns, which means he is statistically one of, if not the best quarterback in the league.

If this remains the case and the Baltimore Ravens can get their defense together and win football games, Lamar Jackson will be your 2022 NFL MVP.

Jalen Hurts.

Team record: 4-0

Stats through Week 4: 1,120 passing yards, four passing touchdowns, two interceptions, four rushing touchdowns, 205 rushing yards

After two years of scrutiny from Philadelphia fans, Jalen Hurts came into the 2022 season as a man on a mission, with his four rushing touchdowns, leading the league among quarterbacks and his 205 rushing yards ranked second.

In addition, Hurts’ ability to throw the ball downfield has noticeably improved compared to last year. It was on full display against the Washington Commanders, where he tossed three touchdowns.

His improved passing and the Eagles’ dominant rushing attack have resulted in them being the only undefeated team currently standing in the league.

Although Hurts still has room for improvement throwing the football, if he can keep picking apart defenses on the ground and the Eagles keep winning games and staying undefeated, Hurts has a solid case to win MVP.

Josh Allen

Team record: 3-1

Stats through Week 4: 1,227 passing yards, 10 passing touchdowns, three interceptions, 183 rushing yards, two rushing touchdowns

With the Buffalo Bills being Super Bowl favorites coming into the season, it’s only natural that their leader at quarterback, Josh Allen, is one of the favorites to win MVP.

Allen is top three in passing yards, passing touchdowns and rushing touchdowns through four weeks and the Bills have won football games through his offensive performances.

In addition, the Bills have straight-up won football games, with their first two games being won dominantly, 31-10 against the Rams and 41-7 against the Titans.

All Allen needs to do is stuff the stat sheet, the scoreboard and the win column so that his name is voted on to win MVP.

Patrick Mahomes

Team record: 3-1

Stats through Week 4: 1,106 passing yards, 11 passing touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 64 rushing yards, and 0 rushing touchdowns.

The fact of the matter is that Patrick Mahomes has gotten the job done, even without his former number-one wide receiver, Tyreek Hill.

The passing display Mahomes has put on in 2022 so far has been remarkable, being tied with Jackson, as mentioned above for the most passing touchdowns in the league through four weeks of football.

After his dominant three-touchdown performance against the top-three-ranked Buccaneers defense last week, Mahomes has put himself into the MVP conversation. If he can keep his stats up and the Chiefs continue to win games, Mahomes is looking good to win MVP.

Justin Herbert

Team record: 2-2

Stats through Week 4: 1,250 passing yards, nine passing touchdowns, two interceptions, four rushing yards

Although it seems like a stretch due to Justin Herbert playing through pain and the Chargers’ inability to win football games consistently, Herbert is performing extremely well.

Herbert currently leads the league in passing yards and is top five in the league in passing touchdowns, with three touchdown passes coming against the Chiefs, highlighting a monster performance.

If the Chargers can win football games and Herbert can get healthy, be on the lookout as he’s a potential dark horse quarterback to win MVP.

Shivoy Nagpaul is a first-year student majoring in Broadcast Journalism.  To contact him, email