NFL Top 10: Week 4

Story posted October 5, 2022 in CommRadio, Sports by Christopher Reynolds

NFL Top 10 Week 4

After four weeks into the NFL season, it’s time to look at the best 10 teams so far this season.

1. Buffalo Bills (3-1)

When fully healthy, the Bills are the most dominant team in the league, and they proved it by beating the Baltimore Ravens this last week on a last-second field goal.

They have arguably the best quarterback in the league with Josh Allen, and one of the best-receiving cores led by Stefon Diggs, fueling their explosive offense.

Their defense is also elite, holding teams to 234.5 yards per game, which is tied for the first lowest in the NFL.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (4-0)

The Eagles are the last team with a perfect record, and for a good reason. Their passing game, and run game are elite, but their defense is this team’s best quality.

The team is still relatively young, and they’ve had a more manageable schedule so far, but the Eagles proved they are a legitimate Super Bowl contender this year.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (3-1)

The Chiefs may have traded away Tyreek Hill this offseason, but their offense is still elite, scoring the second-most points in the league through the first four weeks.

Their defense has also improved from last season, limiting teams to the fewest rushing yards per game.

Despite their one loss to the Indianapolis Colts, the Chiefs look as good as ever, if not better.

4. Baltimore Ravens (2-2)

The Ravens may be .500, but their two losses came close to the Bills and Dolphins.

Lamar Jackson is having his best season yet, running just as well but throwing the ball better than ever. The team relies on Jackson, but that has proved to work so far.

5. Miami Dolphins (3-1)

The Dolphins were emerging as a threat in the AFC East right before Tua Tagovailoa suffered a concussion in a loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Teddy Bridgewater will take over as quarterback for the Dolphins for the time being.

Regardless, the receiving duo of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle will terrorize defenses, and Bridgewater is a solid backup for the time being.

6. Green Bay Packers (3-1)

Since trading away Davante Adams, the Packers have averaged 18.8 points without him, compared to their 26.5 points per game last season with him.

Nevertheless, Aaron Rodgers is still elite, and the lethal combination of Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon in the backfield allows them to maintain leads.

Their defense is also stellar, allowing the fifth-fewest yards to their opposition. This team may not be as explosive as it has been in the past, but it can still win any game.

7. San Francisco 49ers (2-2)

The 49ers’ strength is their defense, limiting opponents to the fewest points through four weeks. Their offense has been a little shaky, but it improved in last week’s win over the Los Angeles Rams.

If they can continue to lockdown opponents and find their offense, they will be one of the biggest threats in the NFC.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (2-2)

The Bengals got a late start out of the gate, losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys in the first two weeks.

Since then, the Bengals look more like the team that made it back to the Super Bowl last season. They are talented enough to make another late playoff push and should at least make the playoffs as a wild-card team.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2)

The Buccaneers offensively struggled the first few weeks, dealing with a variety of injuries to their receivers.

However, their defense has kept them afloat, shutting down teams and holding them to the sixth-fewest points per game.

The Bucs’ offense has looked much better with players returning, and if their offense can regain some of the firepowers from last season, they’ll look like the normal Bucs that everyone is used to.

10. Los Angeles Chargers (2-2)

The Chargers got a must-needed win last week, beating the Houston Texans 34-24. Ekeler finally looked like his old self, reaching the end zone three times.

The team is still dealing with injuries, but even without those stars, the Chargers have one of the best offenses and a solid defense to finally reach the postseason.

Christopher Reynolds is a second-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email