NHL Goal Horn Rankings

Story posted March 3, 2023 in CommRadio, Sports by Adrianna Gallucci

It all came to me in a dream…

The semi-official ranking of the 32 NHL team’s goal horns and songs, as updated in the 2022 season.

32. St. Louis Blues
Am I in “The Shining?” Am I watching a baseball game? Am I playing NHL Threes? We might not know.

Also, Sammy Blais plays here, so an automatic last-place ranking.

31. Anaheim Ducks
It’s just really bad. I don’t like it.

30. Detroit Red Wings
People. This is a professional hockey game. We shove people into boards here and lower our shoulders into people. Why is this horn so calm?

29. Toronto Maple Leafs
Am I watching a professional hockey game or “Guardians of the Galaxy?”

28. Dallas Stars
Just saying Dallas Stars during the goal horn makes it super lame.

27. Los Angeles Kings
New York Rangers wannabes.

26. Columbus Blue Jackets
There’s just… a lot going on.

25. Philadelphia Flyers
What’s going on here?

24. Colorado Avalanche
This sounds like a horror movie. This is so unnerving.

23. Washington Capitals
It’s alright.

22. Vegas Golden Knights
It’s not great. It’s not terrible. It’s just not my favorite.

21. Tampa Bay Lightning
The basic hockey horn.

20. Minnesota Wild
The beginning sounds like an NCA competition song, but the rest doesn’t carry the energy.

19. New Jersey Devils
Something out of NHL Threes.

18. Chicago Blackhawks
The random pauses are unsettling, but I can get down with “Chelsea Dagger.”

17. Carolina Hurricanes
Spooky-ooky. I can first pump to this, but I wish there was a little more consistency in the beat.

16. Winnipeg Jets
It’s cute.

15. Ottawa Senators
It’s average but probably really cool if you were there.

14. Arizona Coyotes
There’s a nice howl. I like it.

13. San Jose Sharks
It sounds like a party but the random pause in the middle throws it off.

12. Nashville Predators
Country capital of America, and it fits.

11. New York Islanders
It’s very nice.

10. Pittsburgh Penguins
It sounds like a mosh pit, and I’m here for it.

9. Calgary Flames
I’ve never wanted to be in Calgary more.

8. Montreal Canadiens
Whipping my hair back and forth.

7. New York Rangers
As a Rangers fan, I might be a little biased here, but there’s no better feeling than being in Madison Square Garden when this goes off.

6. Edmonton Oilers
Pauly D would have eaten this up in 2009.

5. Buffalo Sabres
This is a party.

4. Vancouver Canucks
This is exactly what hockey sounds like in my brain.

3. Seattle Kraken
The boat horn? Nirvana? Seattle Grunge is back and here to stay. I love everything about this.

2. Boston Bruins
We are.

1. Florida Panthers
Turn MY swag on. This is the best goal horn by far. The horn is at a nice cadence, and you can always count on Soulja Boy to get a party started.

Adrianna Gallucci is a first-year student majoring in journalism. To contact her, please email amg7989@psu.edu.