“Night School” Movie Review

Story posted October 5, 2018 in Arts & Entertainment, CommRadio by Emily Mugno

Kevin Hart never seems to fail to make his audience laugh. In his comedy, “Night School,” starring himself and Tiffany Haddish, he tells a story of second chances. This anticipated film did well in the box office, producing 28 million dollars from 3,010 different locations. This movie beat out the animation “Small Foot,” producing 23 million dollars from 4,100 different locations. This film brings Haddish and “Girls Trip” director, Malcom D. Lee, back together to create this fresh, comedic twist on an inspiring story. Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 31% rating, which didn’t come close to the 90% “Girls Trip” received.

The movie begins with Teddy Walker, played by Kevin Hart, in high school, trying to figure out what his path is. All he seems to know is that school isn’t for him and he thinks the world is a better classroom than actual school. He decides to drop out and make his money in other ways. It fast-forwards years later, to him having a great relationship with his girlfriend enjoying his work as a salesman and his life. He decides he wants to propose to his girlfriend by creating an intricate proposal at his workplace, but the proposal doesn’t go as planned. It ruins his workplace and puts him in a situation to find a new job.

Because he drops out of high school, only a few places would hire him. He doesn’t have many options other than getting his GED to create more jobs for him. He doesn’t tell his fiancé but he decides night school is the way to go. Carrie, played by Tiffany Haddish, is the teacher, who tends to give Teddy a hard time because he doesn’t want to work for his GED at first. He wants to get by just by doing the minimal amount of work and Carrie refuses to let that happen. As time goes on, Teddy understands that he has to try and Carrie is here to help him achieve his goal. They form a close friendship and Carrie cares deeply about him not giving up on himself. Teddy also forms relationships with the other classmates in night school because he realizes they have more in common then he thinks.

Rotten Tomatoes backs up their 31% rating by saying, “Night School’s funny stars and seemingly promising setup add up to a disappointingly scattershot comedy whose laughs are largely held in detention.” A critic from CNN.com, Brian Lowry said, “If forced to choose, skip Night School-a remedial comedy with Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish.”

This movie was produced by Kevin Hart’s entertainment production company, “Hartbeat Productions.” His production company also has produced his multiple stand-up specials like “What Now?” and “Let Me Explain.” Hart doesn’t plan on stopping, as he is looking forward to producing more of his movies within his production company.

This movie gave off great energy and even better chemistry with the actors. It’ll keep a viewer laughing with its silly comedic style. Unlike many of Hart’s movies, this one is PG-13, so most families are welcomed.

Rating: 2/5 stars


Emily Mugno is a junior majoring in Broadcast Journalism. To contact her, email esm6@psu.edu.